Writing Personal Wedding Vows


It probably isn’t a surprise to you that the ceremony IS THE WEDDING in my eyes. Without the ceremony it wouldn’t be a wedding – it’d just be an expensive party. I’ve done a number of posts on how you can personalise your ceremony such as this one from 2015 and this one from 2012, and I always mention how I well up listening to a couple say their vows to each other.

The husband and I including personal vows in our ceremony was something I wasn’t going to negotiate on. In the UK you have to say certain vows to make the marriage legal, although you get to choose which legal vows you say from a pack the registry office/church give you. These vows can be incredibly beautiful on their own, but I wanted to write extra vows ourselves so we could say our own personal promises to each other.

What I did not realise, is how difficult writing your own vows can be. Every time I sat to think what I wanted to promise him my mind went blank. After quite a bit of time though we both manged it, and I’m incredibly proud of the vows we gave each other.

Here are my tips on how to go about writing your own vows:

  • Before you go anywhere near a search engine, sit and think about what makes your relationship unique, and what silly little things are features of yourself, your partner and your relationship. Note these things down.
  • Note down little things he does for you that you’re thankful for.
  • Jot down what sort of things you’d like to promise your loved one.
  • When taking notes of all these things don’t worry about wording it in any set way, and don’t worry about if the things you’re jotting down are things you definitely want to include in your final wedding vows. This is your initial ideas stage.

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1st Valentines as Man & Wife

Today is the Husband and I’s first Valentines day since getting hitched; and it’s our 5th since we started our relationship.

On the lead up to our first Valentines I made the mistake of saying I didn’t want him to get me anything cheesy (think massive teddies, roses, chocolates etc) which he took to mean, don’t get me anything at all. Come Valentines Day I got him a card and personal dog tags and some other bits while I got nothing in return; not even a card. I was a bit surprised as my thinking at the time was he would think outside the box and get me something a bit different to normal. I was wrong. All her heard was “don’t get me anything“.

The next year I’d learnt from my mistake the previous year; I told him I would like him to buy me something but just not a massive teddy as I’ve no where to put it.

Since then we’ve had years where we’ve simply bought each other a card and eaten an M&S dine in 2 for £10 meal, and one year where we actually had dinner out together on Valentines day.

It’s not that we’ve been unable to afford to celebrate Valentines day or that either of us in anti-Valentines. It’s just that most years neither of us is overly fussed about celebrating the day.

Today we both went to work, giving each other a kiss goodbye and this evening I cooked us dinner and we’ve relaxed in front of the TV. Not a card, a bar a chocolate or a flower exchanged. This is the first Valentines day where we’ve not done anything at all, where neither of us has bought anything for the other.

I’m not sad, not angry, I’m not jealous of the women who received flowers at work today and I’m not being a martyr. It’s not because we’re unhappy together, because we’re boring or due to us being skint. We both love a celebration, and we aren’t grumpily saying we’re not celebrating it because it’s hallmark day, or because it is ‘forced shows of affection’.

Simply, last week, I said, “next week is Valentines day. Do you want to celebrate it?”, he shrugged, and I said I wasn’t bothered about it, so we’ve both not done anything.

Having said that we are going out for dinner soon, most likely next weekend as this weekend we’re helping my sister move house… so we’ll be treating that as our ‘Valentines day’.

How have you spent your day? Do you celebrate it in a big way or do you not tend to bother either?

Budgeting for your Elopement


After completing the interview post on Carly over at Epic Elopement I was asked to create a post for her readers on how to create a wedding budget tailored to those who wish to elope.

It was a bit of a challenge creating the post, and took me some time, writing and then rewriting to try and get it right. I focus so often on the ‘conventional wedding’ structure that it took me a little while to focus on what makes an elopement an elopement.

Here is a sneaky little snippet…

[…] Working out your budget may seem like the most boring part of wedding planning, especially when you’ve just had all the excitement of getting engaged! The temptation is to start looking at venues, searching dresses and creating lots of Pinterest boards full of fabulous ideas. But if you don’t create your budget before starting any proper planning you could find yourself in a world of bother.

So how do you go about creating a budget?

When announcing your engagement you may find your parents say they want to pay for your dress or give you a sum of money towards the day, but this presents a problem when you don’t necessarily want to involve them in your elopement. Any promises of contributions from friends or relatives are always gratefully accepted, but you do need to find out how much they are planning to contribute and if they are still contributing when they are not invited! This conversation can be difficult for many, but if you don’t know you could over-estimate the figure and end up not having enough money to pay for things you’ve booked.

How much can you sensibly save every month? When is your ideal date to get married? 

My husband and I knew we didn’t want our engagement to be any longer than two years, and I knew straight away I wanted to get married in autumn. This put our “date” as autumn 2016. Between us, we resolved to save £500 a month which did mean we had to cut back on certain things, but it didn’t mean we couldn’t treat ourselves occasionally. Remember to take out months you’ll be unable to save from your calculations, such as […]

To read the rest of the post on the Epic Elopement Blog click here.

Post Wedding Post

This has taken me a little while to write… we’ve been married for 119 days (nearly 4 months!!) but here it is…
It felt really odd to me when we got to the point where it was just 1 week to go. It didn’t feel real. After months and months of planning it didn’t seem real that the day could actually come round.

The Morning & Getting Ready

Room: An Executive Suite

I remember thinking the morning was going to go on for ages, which may not be a feeling that you’d get if your ceremony time is early. With the ceremony time being at 3pm, but having woke at 6:30-7am ish my Bridesmaid Donna and I had a long time to slowly get ready. We got showered and dressed and went for breakfast soon after waking. After breakfast we took a look in the ceremony and reception rooms to ensure everything was still okay in both of the rooms as we’d set everything up decorations wise the night before. The only things we hadn’t set up the night before was the floral pedestals and the wedding cake as these were going to be delivered by the suppliers at some point during the morning. The floral pedestals were in the ceremony room and looked fantastic, but the wedding cake hadn’t yet been delivered into the reception room. 

As we felt at a bit of a loss in what exactly to do we took a walk around the venue where we got offered a free glass of champagne we then took back to our room. It was at this point I realised I wasn’t sure what time my sister, parents, our photographer or my hairdresser were going to arrive.

By the time my sister, parents, hairdresser and Dees’ daughter Hollie (who was doing our make-up for us) had arrived, everything went from being calm and seeming like we had forever, to being very hectic and seeming like there wasn’t much time. 

I thought I wanted to have a bustling busy room filled with my hairdresser Katie, photographer, MUA, BMs and my Mum, but actually I found myself getting stressed out by the noise and commotion all those people were creating in the room, especially as I was having my hair done at the time, and having my hair done has always been a source of anxiety for me. 

At one point I strongly encouraged my sister to take Dees’ daughters to go check out the rooms so they could see the decorations before everyone else. Once they had left the room I was able to calm the nerves that had been building inside and it allowed my hairdresser to finish my hair without any distractions. 

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Twitter Chat hours

For a number of years I have been regularly joining Twitter chat hours; this is not a surprise to many of you as I have mentioned meeting a number of people during chat hours in previous posts.

There are a great many different chats that happen all day every day for all different topics, times and geographical areas. Depending on your interests will determine which chats you join in with, if any. 

The problem is I’m not great at remembering what chats are when, which is why two years ago I created this list. However since creating that list a few of the hours seem to have gone to the chat graveyard, only ever to be occasionally used as a hashtag in someones tweet. Two such chats that are now quieter than your local library are #bridehour and #weddingoclock which is a real shame as it leaves only one day of the week where there are Twitter chats dedicated to everything wedding. 

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14 Ways I Reduced the Cost of my Wedding

I often get asked how I was able to cut my wedding costs down by so much to meet my 6.5K budget. This question is one I love answering as it really can be very simple. Often you can meet your budget without even having to remove elements your guests will notice or miss. These 14 simple changes can save you big bucks and are so easy to implement!

This isn’t a comprehensive list of things the Husband and I did to reduce costs, but these 14 things are the main ways we ensured we hit budget.  

How many can you incorporate into your wedding planning? 

What other little changes have you made to save money?

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Budget Floral Inspiration from Pinterest


Flowers and weddings are a combination very difficult to break. Flowers are just… well… everything to a Spring/Summer wedding. They symbolise your style, tie in to your colour scheme and can be as formal or as relaxed as you want them to be. 

Flower arrangements can be extravagant with tall centrepieces and cascading bouquets…. however they also work incredibly beautifully in relaxed arrangements perfectly suiting many styles from garden party to vintage inspired themes. 

Think, bountiful amounts of Babys Breath, singular Roses, Sweet Pea flowers, Tulips, Gerbera Daisies, Daisy Sprays, Carnations, Rice Flower and for something a bit different consider Blue Thistles. 

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