My the internet is for Bargains!

Bridesmaid’s outfits

The first thing that I bought online was my Bridesmaid dresses shortly followed by shoes and clutch bags.The shoes and clutch bags were bought off of ebay.

Above is my MOH trying the outfit on once all the items had arrived to check it all coordinated. Due to the dress being a dark emerald green we decided upon having light accessories to give the look a more bridal look.

I turned to the internet for the BM shoes as my MOH is a size 2, and would have prefered to have had both my MOH and my BM in matching shoes if possible although I was aware it may not be possible. Ebay came to my rescue with these shoes that I could get in sizes 2 and 4 and were under £25 a pair!

The clutch bags were bought separately, and are actually from Primark…yes, you heard right, PRIMARK! but I bought them from a seller on ebay and they go pretty well with the shoes.

Wedding Website and Wedding Cards

Being a bride on a budget can make it seem impossible to be able to have a honeymoon. It is an integral part of the modern wedding and the thought that we may not be able to afford one was rather saddening. Therefore we decided that we would ask our guests to contribute towards a honeymoon instead of buying us gifts. However, we, like many couples felt extremely uncomfortable about this, and didn’t like the idea of putting a poem in with the invites, therefore I came up with the idea of creating a wedding website. The wedding website would have all of the information about our wedding, everything from the time they need to arrive, directions to the venue, information about parking, the ability to RSVP on the website and…the gift list.

I put some conventional gift ideas on the gift list but have also asked for money contributions or vouchers for a holiday provider to go towards us being able to have a honeymoon. Doing it this way seemed a lot more comfortable as there was no particular emphasis on “give us money”, but more on just us providing information about the wedding in general.

I then used Vistaprint to create ‘wedding business card’ as I coined them 😛 that would just have our names, the date of the wedding and a the URL for our wedding website, that I would pop in with the invites.

Other side of wedding card

Wedding Card

Wedding Forum Buys

I was very lucky to come across a lady on my favourite wedding forum who had recently got married and was selling off her un-wanted wedding stuff as a job lot. I bought lots of items off of her, including Mr & Mrs letters, lots of vases for a sweetie buffet, bubbles of the tables, a wedding sign, table number holders, tea light holders and much more.

Vases and jars, cake stand, bubbles, tea light holders & battery fairy lights

Sign and Letters


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