Alternatives to traditional bouquets

We all know the traditional bouquet, we dream of them when first planning our weddings, and are so familiar with them from other people’s weddings. Some may wonder what would a wedding be with flowers? whether you dream of something simply hand tied, or a lavish cascading bouquet, for the newly engaged it is often flowers that are dreamed of.

Hand tied wedding bouquet

Cascade bouquet

Until at least you discover all the other amazing alternatives to the traditional flowers bouquet that are available to buy, or if you wish, to make yourself.

Feather bouquet

Crystal bouquet

Button Bouquet

Button bouquet and button button-hole

Brooch Bouquet

Fabric Bouquet

Shell Bouquet

Paper Bouquet

Bead Bouquet

The options are endless and there are a great number of websites out there that will tell you how to make these yourself or will be able to point you in the direction of where to buy these bouquets from. The limits are only the same as the limits to your imagination. You don’t even have to have just one type on its own, shows how you can mix buttons or brooches with traditional flowers to make a really stunning and unique bouquet.

Felt Bouquet

I LOVE felt bouquets! I think that they are one of the best look alternative bouquets. Especially as you can easily bring buttons and jewels into the mix to make them look even more unique and special.

If you really have no money at all and are open to being an alternative bride, then the cheapest alternative bouquet that I have come across is a wool pom pom bouquet.

How to make a Wool Pom Pom Bouquet:

  • With your chosen wool in mind wrap the wool around your hand, or fingers

    Wool wrap around fingers/hand

  • Once you have wrapped sufficient wool around your fingers remove this and then start wrapping the wool around this the other way. Once you have wrapped the wool around both ways cut the wool around the edges.
  • using a cardboard circle wrap your wool around the cardboard circle until the whole circle is covered nicely, and then cut the wool around the circle and then remove the cardboard circle.

    Wool pom pom

    Nearly completed Pom Pom

    Make sure that either way you do it you tie the two ends of the string together to keep the pom pom together.

  • Make sure you fluff out your pom pom, and trim the pom pom in to a neat circle.
  • Glue the pom poms to sticks – you can keep it rustic with stick or canes you’ve collected or bought, or you can neaten it up by wrapping the sticks in ribbon or fabric.
Pom pom bouquet

Pom pom bouquet

unfortunately I didn’t make the pictures used above. The pictures used above belong to a couple of the sites listen below. The sites listed below give more instructions, ideas and examples of pom pom bouquets.

Offbeat Bride – for clear instructions with pictures and examples

moms and kids – NWR but the pictures used above have been taken from this site

Ruffled – for how to add fabric pom poms to your pom pom bouquet.

And how about a pom pom buttonhole?

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