LRT (little random tip)

Yesterday I was out shopping with my sister as it was her birthday and I said that she could choose her own birthday presents. While we were shopping around I saw that the jewellers that my fiance bought my engagement ring from had a little sale on, so thought I would pop in to see if they had a wedding ring to go with my engagement ring. As you can see from my ‘About The Blogger‘ page, my engagement ring is shaped.

I love my ring, and I was so happy with I saw it in the little box. However, it has been a near impossible search to try and find a wedding ring that I like and that fits with it.

I found a ring in the jewellers, it was in my budget and the arch shape of the ring fit against the curve of my E ring perfectly. There was only one problem however…

Near perfect ring. So close, yet so far

They only had it in white gold. I asked them in store if they do it in yellow gold, and I have checked on their website to no avail.

There are other shaped rings out there, but to find it in the right colour metal, with a curve that fits the curve of my E ring and one I like, and that is in my budget is tricky.

So….here comes the tip. If you do not yet have your E ring, whether it is because you are not engaged yet, or because he proposed without a ring so you could choose your own – if you are getting married on a budget, and want a wealth of choice when it comes to what wedding ring you can buy, go for a standard straight band, not a shaped band, as this will solve so much hassle!

Obviously there is the option of having a ring made specifically to fit your E ring, but this is rarely an option available to the budget bride.

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