Utilise your birthday’s and Christmases

Once you have set a date for the wedding, start asking for vouchers for your birthday and for christmas. There are a number of places that you can ask for vouchers from that would be very handy for the wedding.

  • Debenhams:
    Your wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, shoes, other accessories such as hair accessories or a shawl, the mens suits etc can all be purchased from debenhams.
  • BHS:
    BHS like Debenhams is a store that you can buy many different things from, including bridesmaid dress, wedding dresses, paige boy and flower girl dresses etc.
  • Thomas Cook/other holiday vouchers:
    If you are a budget bride, the idea of trying to afford a honeymoon as well can be a very scary one, a something that seems out of reach. Finding a holiday provider that offers vouchers is a good start, Thomas Cook are one of them, and remember, they have been saved by the government until at least 2013 so they are still useable as a holiday company for your wedding, and think how good you would feel if you were someone who helped to save a company.
  • Amazon:
    This one isn’t as weird as it sounds. There are some fantastic finds on Amazon. Think decorations, favours and little extras.
  • Beauty Vouchers:
    A voucher for a manicure, a wax, an eyelash tint or a voucher for you to have your hair done, are also great things to ask for for your birthday as it using these vouchers for your pre-wedding pampering preparations will save you a lot of money.

Over to YOU

So, fellow bloggers, readers and followers, what shops/internet sites do you know of that sell vouchers? What stores did you ask for vouchers for to help with the wedding costs? I am sure that there are many fantastic ones that I have missed off. comment below, and if you wish I will add them to this list and mention you in this post.

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