Hilhairdious Hair

DIY Hair

No bride wants hilarious or hideous hair (or I as have termed it Hilhairdious hair) on her wedding day.

When first contemplating how you would like your hair, it can be tempting to look at some lovely hair ideas, up do, down do, half up, half down, side bun, classic curls. But you’ve got to think who is going to do your hair, and how much are they going to charge for it?

Some brides decide to do their own hair. If you are thinking of going down this route make sure you practice. The more you practice, the less stressed out you will be when it comes to the big day, which will be important, as you may feel stressed out on the morning of your wedding enough, without adding to it by not knowing what you are doing with your hair, or being unsure of what you’re doing.

TIP: Check out You Tube for video tutorials on how you can achieve certain looks.
To get you started with a few ideas check these out:
Double Pony Tail Updo
Half up half down
Beautiful Bridal Curls with short hair

Trial a few different things, until you find something you can do and like, and take pictures of it so that you can look at those pictures on your first practice of it. It may help as well, to write down what products you used and print off and keep any inspiration pictures so that the next time you come to practice it you know better what you need to use and do to achieve that look again. I recommend to do this as when you are trialing a few different hair styles it can be easy to forget what you did and how it looked.

The next thing is to purely practice doing your favoured hair style until you can do it without thinking. This way you will be able to do it with ease on your wedding day.

Getting the Professionals in

It is common to start off with the intention of doing it yourself but then find that you don’t think you can achieve the look you want to on your own. What then? Well you can consider getting a friend who will be at your wedding (a BM or maybe your mum) to help you to achieve the look, or you may decide to try to find an affordable hair dresser.

If you have a regular hairdresser, ask them if they do wedding hair. Your regular hairdresser is used to working with your hair, and will know what they would be able to do with your hair and what would suit you. Not all hair dressers will do wedding hair, or will be able to commute to your venue, if you are wanting to have your hair done at your venue, so make sure you ask.

Once you’ve found a hair dresser make sure that you have trials to make sure that the hairdresser knows the look you are going for and so that you can find something that you like on YOU.  Looking for inspiration on the net is a good place to start, but your favourite hair idea on the net may not look good when done on you. A hair trial will also give your stylist an idea of how long it takes to do your hair so that you are able to book a time on the wedding morning for your hair to be done.


If you can’t find a hairdresser in your price bracket, why not pop down to your local college and have a hair styling trial with a student?

Students in their second or third year will have quite a lot of experience of styling hair, both their own and other peoples, and will be very willing to impress. Take your inspiration pictures to them and see what they can create. If you like what they do, ask them if they would like some paid work experience to do your bridal hair. By going for a student you are more likely for them to be happy to come to you, either in your home as you get ready, or to the venue if you are getting ready at your venue, and will be more likely to be able to have them for longer during the morning/day.

Due to the saving of opting for a student you could even ask them if they would do your BMs hair too!

Big Day Make-up

By looking at local colleges for students, I would also recommend getting a student make-up artist to do your make-up on the day. Do have a trial of your make-up though, as no one wants to feel like Cookie the Clown…even if it would keep the children entertained.

You may think you want really natural, barely there make-up for your day. If so get your MUA to do your makeup and then take pictures of you. You may change your mind on the type of makeup you want when you look back at the pictures of your trial. Professional photography can be harsh on the skin, so you may find you need  more on than you would normally wear day to day.

Make sure though, that you have some of the make-up that your MUA has used on you so that you can top it up when you want to as the day goes on.

Hair and make-up for you and your lovely BMs including trials all for a bargain price! Job Done!

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