Fantasticly priced suppliers

I thought I would share a few websites that I have found that are fantastic not only in terms of the quality of the products that they sell, but also the range of products that they sell. It can be very tricky as a budget bride to find good, reputable, trustworthy websites or sellers. Some cheap sites don’t seem trustworthy, and sites that are clearly professional and pukka gen just often are not affordable.

Today I purchased my headband and a headband each for my MOH and my BM. It is exactly 223 days to go (7 months, 1 week and 2 days). I’d found the site, and had been checking the site reguarly waiting to see if they would have a sale. Today they had a sale on some of their pearl range which is the range I was interested in. The website? Flutter By Weddings. I couldn’t reccomend them enough as they kept me informed of the progress with my order. I had a bad experience of trying to order a tiara/headband from a supplier before who just cancelled my order due to “unforseen circumstances” which made me feel nurvous about ordering with a new online supplier; but I couldn’t find what I wanted off-line. Although I had an email from Flutter By Weddings that they had run out of the small pearls in the colour I requested and couldn’t get any more, they gave me the option of choosing a different colour rather than just cancelling my order which I was very pleased about.

Today I also found an amazing ebay seller. This seller can also be found on Etsy and does beautiful veils. Everything from a traditional two tier veil to a stunning range of birdcage veils for very reasonable prices. Brenda’s Bridal Veils also sells fascinators and other hair accessories.

Another ebay seller that sells veils at fantastic prices is Deity Doll.

Folksy is a website that I have only come accross lately. The website is a bit like etsy, it is for sellers to sell their Modern British Craft. One of my favourite seller is The Patchwork Bride who sells alternative bouquets for very reasonable prices.

I will add more suppliers and websites to this list as I come accross them. If you know of any please do let me know and I will, with your permission add them to this list.

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