Taking things back to Basics

I love brides who take their weddings back to the basics of the wedding and stop worrying about all the added extras that are not necessary but we feel are due to the wedding industry in-graining it in our heads that we are a bad bride if we do not have a blue wedding garter on, if we do not release doves after the ceremony, or even worse we are an awful, ungrateful bride if we do not give our guests gifts for coming to our wedding.

A friend of mine who is getting married on a very tight budget, is going to the Registry Office to have her civil ceremony in a dress that is being made by her grandmother, afterwards they are going to their local community hall where they are having a DJ style party. They will only be feeding their guests once. The best part of the whole wedding plan in my opinion? The buffet is made up of the food that the guests have bought with them, known as a ‘Pot Luck’ buffet. All guests bring a plate of food with them, put it on the buffet table where people will go up to get food from later in the evening.

Bring your own plate at very small budget weddings is something that I whole heartedly agree with. Many people who come to a wedding would love to contribute anyway, and if each person brings something different, if you have 50 guests, you have 50 different plates of food on your buffet. To make sure you have no duplications, you could always, in with people’s invites ask people to bring some sandwiches, sausage rolls and pork pies, chicken kebab, a trifle etc. An alternative to this, is that you ask people to bring a plate of food that they are going to eat. Pot Luck catering is more popular with brides getting married for the second time, and it does depend on how casual your social circle is and would be best suited to smaller weddings as opposed to large guest list weddings.

The thing that I love about a potluck wedding is that it takes all the pomp out of the wedding. The day becomes about the couple coming together as man and wife, and about the two families joining together as one family due to the love between the couple. Each guest can bring something that reflects them and who they are, (my brother in-law loves spicy food, so no doubt he would bring food that would blow your head off your neck, my mother in-law loves her trifles so she would no doubt bring a superb trifle with her) and it is fun for the other guests to try and guess who bought what with them. For some practical advice about potluck weddings check out this page.

If a couple are on a very tight budget, the way to make your wedding an amazing day is to put the focus on your marriage instead of your wedding. All of the guests will love it for being so fresh and so much about the love as opposed to about the money spent.

Have any of you been to a potluck wedding? How did it work out? Do you have any advice or tips that you would like to share about potluck weddings?

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