Gold, Palladium, Platinum…Expense-dom

There are many areas of the wedding day that couples can and will cut costs on, but the wedding rings is either an area seen to be one that shouldn’t be scrimped or people feel they can’t scrimp on.

As one lady said on a wedding forum I frequent “I never wanted to spend a lot, but in fairness, it is one of the few physical things left after the wedding day”. This knowledge that our rings are the only part of our wedding that are always on show to everyone, and that (hopefully) we will be wearing them for the rest of our lives; it isn’t just a fleeting moment of a wedding that will be forgotten after a couple of weeks; the thought of trying to save money in this area is not always very appealing.

I, however, am on the campaign to say that you can say money on your rings without forgoing the quality.

As many people know you can exchange your Tesco Club Card vouchers for GoldSmiths vouchers with an exchange rate of up to x4. So if you have £100 of Club Card vouchers, you could exchange them for up to £400 worth of GoldSmiths vouchers – a fantastic way to up your rings budget, enabling you to still be able to buy quality jewellery without maxing out your budget.

Jewellers do have sales – so keep your eye out in jewellers windows or online for their sales, as you can save anything from 10% to 50%.

If you go to a jewellers and have your finger sized to make sure that you know your size you can buy your jewellery from an e-retailer. One such e-retailer is The Beautiful Company where you can get beautiful cut price rings without forgoing the quality. The website allows you to choose the shape of the ring (court, D shape etc), the quality of the carat and the design among other things, so it is good to know what you are looking for before you venture on to the site as it can get just a little confusing.

Now the above mentioned ways to cut the expense out of your wedding jewellery are all for new jewellery. My favourite way to save money is to go second hand. This may not sound very appealing, but when you consider that modern jewellery is hollow, which is why so much of it has a low weight, the heavier ones will be less hollow, but still hollow to some degree. Older jewellery is much less likely to be hollow. Think about jewellery that was bought 20+ years ago. Some independent jewellers will stock second-hand jewellery where you can pick up fantastic pieces for a fraction of the price. The Hubster 2B and I went a jewellers that stocks second-hand wedding rings a couple of weekends ago and they had a lovely little range of rings. My favourite was a plain yellow gold mens band, it had a very good weight as it was a solid band, and was 6mm for just £100. The only reason we didn’t snap it up was because the H2B wants a yellow gold band, of about that thickness but with slight detailing on the edges as opposed to completely plain.

A good website to look at for second-hand jewellery is Freeman & Bennett. You can have a look at used jewellery by section.

The modern highstreets are full of pawnbrokers which are often crammed with second-hand jewellery. Looking for second-hand jewellery can be a bit pot luck, as you don’t know what you are going to find but I think that is half of the fun. Looking through an assortment of rings not to your taste trying to find a ring that you’ll fall in love with. The good thing is not many people ask you where you got your ring from. Especially not after a few weeks of the wedding, so having a lovely piece of jewellery that has been polished and buffed so it is just as shiny and lovely as any new ring is nothing but a good thing. If you are contemplating buying your wedding ring second-hand you are definitely not alone. Just looking at the figures for Ebay, they have seen a 200% increase in the sale of second-hand engagement and weddings in the last year.

Do any of you have any second-hand jewellery? Where did you find it?

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