Cable Wedding Dress

So this year Hubby 2 B and I went to the Gadget Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham. He kept begging me for years to buy him tickets to go see it. So this Christmas I finally did just that; and it was as awsome as it promised to be.

If I have a tip for anyone else who is with a geeky guy and wants to go to TGSL book early! The Super Theatre books out early, and when I got to booking the tickets in November the only time that had space left for the Super Theatre was 4.30. We got to the NEC at 9.30 in the morning. The time from then until 13.30 flew by. But at 13.30 we’d been around all the stalls twice and our legs were killing us but we had to wait until 4.30 for the Super Theatre. Which was a pain on our enthusiasm and on our feet.

The Super Theatre was worth the wait though! It was awsome, and I would do it all again!

However, while at the GSL I saw something that I think geeky brides2B would have loved as much as I did when I saw it.

Drum roll please…

It was the first wedding related thing in ages that had actually put a smile on the Hubby 2Bs face.

It isn’t actually a wedding dress obviously but made to look like one from a distance, then you get closer and it is all wires and cables.

What do you think? Pretty Geeky huh?

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