Oh, my, I have a new obsession!

Pinterest is amazing. I will be honest I didn’t really get it at first; and the whole needing to request an invite thing just ruffled my feathers a little, but I still thought I would give it a go as my sister in-law had been raving about it and telling me to join.

I know it is only pictures, and I am much more a word person than a picture person, which is why I didn’t think I would like it and couldn’t really see the point in just posting up a bunch of pictures, however the whole pinning pictures, re-pinning and liking thing really does draw you in, until you can’t imagine not pinning your way through a lazy Sunday afternoon. My Pinterest profile has 13 boards, some of which seem to be common amongst ‘pinners’. Bucket List, Quotes and My Pin Wardrobe all seem to be common boards created by ‘pinners’.

There are boards to which are commonplace on Pinterest that I do not have, such as a food board and a body inspiration board for fitness motivation. Both of these boards are often held by the same ‘pinners’, which seems rather contradictory, to have tempting, no doubt calorific food, alongside fitness motivation. A little taster of what to expect:
Decadent S'mores Brownies

along side
21-Day Fix Challenge - A great jumpstart to healthy eating and fitness

If you are not currently a pinner, why not?

if nothing else, Pinterest is perfect for wedding inspiration, ideas and How To’s. Sign up and give it a go, I’m sure you’ll love it. If you’re already a Pinner, comment with your link to your Pinterest profile so others can check out for profile and maybe even re-pin for pins.

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