The idea of eloping, or at the most taking purely parents and siblings with you when you get married has always intrigued me. The romance of it, the pure focus on just you and the other person when you make your life long commitment to each other. This thought is always followed by thinking wouldn’t it be sad to break from all the traditions related to a conventional wedding;

  • Being walked down the isle
  • The Speeches
  • Having your first dance surrounded by your loved ones…

How would you look back on your wedding photos? What about your near and dear ones, how would they react to you eloping?

All these questions and more, especially the last one will no doubt come to the mind of the eloping couple; they all came in to my mind when I was obsessed with the idea of getting married in Gretna Green.

However if you have considered all these questions and still believe eloping is the right thing for you a few venues and locations where you can go to fulfill your dream in the UK are… 

Gretna Green

When I was dreaming of a Gretna wedding I knew I couldn’t do it if I didn’t have my parents and sister there. My fiance and I did a “wreckie” of Gretna, looking at the venues such as The Blacksmiths, The Anvil Hall, The Gretna Old Parish Church and many others! One of the key benefits to getting married at Gretna Green is the simple and very cost effective wedding packages that make eloping to Gretna beautifully simple.

Gretna became a famous place for runaway wedddings over 250 years ago when the marriage laws in England changed but the new law did not effect Scotland, so loved up young couples eloped to Gretna Green to get married (find out more here). Gretna not only caters for eloping couples but for any wedding party size!

There are many other places in the UK that are designed for eloping couples…

BoHo Cornwall

BoHo Cornwall specialise in elopements, with a truly unique venue where they help couples to create the intimate wedding day they thought they wouldn’t be able to have, click here to see an example. This venue is purely for eloping couples.

Millbrook Estate

I only found out about Millbrook Estate from a wedding forum where to B2B was asking for suggestions of where she could elope and another B2B posted the link to the website saying she was getting married there in a months time. Millbrook Estate help the couple to create their perfect day by organising a lot for them. Plus you don’t have to elope! You can bring up to four guests. For eloping couples this venue is one of my favourites. Everything from the summer house, to the styling of the cottages and the Devonshire countryside is just divine.

Not to mention there is Bracken Bank in Cumbria

Are you thinking of eloping, or have you eloped already? Not UK based? I’d love to know what country you are from and the venues where couples can elope within your country.

2 thoughts on “Elopement

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  2. Some nice ideas here for eloping in the UK. I wish more venues would cotton on to the fact that lots of couples want a small wedding – they could fill up their bookings for weekdays and leave the weekends for bigger affairs!

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