Alternatives to wedding Cake

While browsing a blog that I have linked to on my bloglovin’ page I came across a post on ‘My Big Fat Wedding’ giving ideas for fun alternatives to wedding cake. I’d never even imagined a krispy square wedding “cake”!

It got me thinking about some of my favourite alternatives to the infamous wedding cake; after all the wedding should reflect your style as a couple and should include all the things you love, not just the things you think you should have. Not to mention the cost of a wedding cake can range anything from a cheap £150 to a scary £800. More personal and quirky alternatives can save you big bucks!

Some of the alternatives that really catch my imagination and set my taste buds tingling are:

Cheese Cake 
a Thornton's multi-tiered wedding cheesecake

Doughnut Tower
Simply pop to a shop, select a range of different doughnuts and stack them on a stand or just tower them on top of each other.

Sweet Pies
Either have individual mini pies or have a three or four different flavour full size pies – the pies could be served cold with cream or custard – doubling up as the wedding “cake” and the desert.
Nontraditional Wedding Cake Ideas

Cheese Stack
If you and your H2B don’t have a sweet tooth don’t feel like you have to have something sweet just because it is the most common thing to do. Embrace the savory with a cheese stack. Perhaps this could be served to guests in the evening with bread, crackers and grapes? Just be careful that the cheese doesn’t get too warm…

Will you be going alternative? What sort of alternative wedding “cake” will you be having?

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