Create a Wedding Website

Invites can cause so many issues, not only with the design but also the wording and what information should be included within the invites. trying to include the some of or all of the following information:
1) The invite
2) Gift List
3) Directions/parking instructions
4) RSVP Card including menu options
5) Song Recommendation Card
6) Other important wedding information
can be really difficult and can make the cost of your invites spiral!

I recommend that brides and grooms keep the wedding invites simple – decide if you want shop bought invites, to order professional custom made invites or to make your own, but keep the invite simple.

Within your invite mention that for venue information, the gift list etc they can go to a certain website and give the website address on the invite.

You can create a free wedding website on sites such as; an example of a completed wedding page can be found here.

These websites allow you to provide full information to your guests in one easy place and makes it easy and free for your guests to RSVP, recommend songs, check out the directions and how to book a room, and after the wedding your guests can upload pictures to the site which you could then use to create a photo book.

Other websites that offer free wedding websites you can personal are:

Make use of a wedding website to save money on your invites by putting the extra information on the website and having the invite as a just “we invite you to our wedding on this date and time at this venue” – leaving you extra room in your budget and giving you time to agonise how to word that crucial invite.

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