Wedding Fayres – not convinced?

When I got engaged for the first time I avoided wedding fayres like a cat avoids water, with a misguided thought that wedding fayres would only make me wish I had a bigger budget or break by budget by tempting me in to products and services I couldn’t afford.

Ideas I found when I attended my first wedding fayre

The truth of the matter is there are all sorts of suppliers at wedding fayres providing services and products to suit a range of budgets, plus you can get some fantastic ideas like I did when I attended my first wedding fayre.

There is a company called ‘KK Events‘ who specialise in wedding fayres – check out her blog for even more proof about how useful and inspiring wedding fayres can be

To quote Matilda and Molly (found via KK Events blog):

“Now, there is no easy way to say this….the excitement will drain you a little and you will start to think “why?” “what!” “how?!”. Planning your wedding can be daunting. Pinterest is GREAT for weddings, however it can also leave you mightily confused and asking “what on earth do we want our wedding to look like”.
When you get to this stage it is time to sit back and remember why you are doing this. You are getting married because you are in love. You are getting married to tell the world that you are in love. You are getting married because of you and your partner.
So, now we have got you back down to earth and in a happy loved up and smiley inside place, you are can start to think about your wedding and what you want it to say about you and your future husband or wife.”

When trying to work out where to start in the whole wedding planning dream/nightmare attending a local wedding fayre and speaking to the guest suppliers can really help to settle your mind and provide some clarity amongst all the bewildering options available.

Sending all you wonderful B2Bs the best of luck!

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