Curly Bridal Hair

I am a white girl with naturally curly hair, and my teenage years were when it was all about straight hair. After years of fighting my curls and desperately trying to find the right products for my hair, I am so glad that now I’m in my 20’s curly hair is back in and the shelves in any beauty type shop are filled with all sorts of products for the curly haired lady.

I am proud of my curls and I love them, but I have serious trust issues with hair dressers as even now it is hard to find hairdressers that know what to do with my natural curls. The amount of times someone has raked a fine toothed comb through my hair to prep it for cutting, or used the smallest amount of moose thinking it will tame my wild locks, upsets me even now. This causes real anxiety for me about who I am going to hire to do my hair on my wedding day, but also anxiety about what I have done. Natural curls are unreliable and change from day to day, so I definitely think I want my hair…curled…on my wedding day, to create a more reliable and “formed” curl so that the style can be worked properly.

Anyway…enough of that, here is my curly bridal hairstyle inspiration.

If you have naturally curly hair and have had hair trials or are now married I would love to hear from you! What style did you go for? Did you have “formed” curls? If so what method did you use?

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