Cancelled Weddings = Big Savings

Unfortunately many weddings are cancelled every year. I myself cancelled a wedding five months before the date in 2012. For the couple who are cancelling their wedding it is a very difficult and emotional time. Whilst coming to terms their-self with the change in their relationship status, they also have to contact would-be guests to inform them of the change of plans. When you add to this emotional turmoil the stress of financial worry, having to cancel your wedding plans becomes even more stressful. Depending on how long before the date the plans were cancelled will depend on if the couple loose just the deposits or if they loose much more.  

For the venue and suppliers a cancelled wedding can also be a financial strain, as supplies may have obtained items that can no longer be used or a date that can’t be re-filled, leaving a day where no money can be earned.

You may be thinking “sorry why are you writing about this?”
omeone else’s cancelled wedding can be a God send to the couple planning a budget wedding…if you know how to obtain one that is.


How to Find a Cancelled Wedding

‘Cancelled Weddings’ is the best website I’ve found. They operate globally so you have a good chance of finding a cancelled wedding near you!

The main site is but at the bottom of the front page you can select your geographical area to open the webpage dedicated to your country. “Canceled Weddings is an innovative members-only wedding brokerage where brides register their detailed wedding plan profiles and budgets to be matched against suitable canceled wedding plans or vendor late availability on discount” and there isn’t always a broken couple the other side of a cancelled wedding. Sometimes a health issue may mean the couple decide to cancel their wedding and re-plan down the line when the health issue is better, or a couple who have started to plan a big wedding may cancel because they decide to elope instead. 

Late Availability

Other websites offer a similar service under the name of “Late Availability” which gives a less negative tone, but is essentially the same thing. Venues often decrease their prices if a date is booked just 6 months beforehand, as making some money is better than no money. One UK website that specialise in helping couples find and plan their wedding with a late availability date is last minute weddings however a simple internet search brings up loads of websites from venues that have dates available within the next six months for discounted prices.


If you plan to save money on your wedding day by going for a cancelled/late availability date then you wont have much time to plan. However, if you aren’t wanting a long engagement and/or if you already have the money saved up then it can be the perfect solution for having it all without putting yourself in debt.

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