1920’s Wedding

Although a 1920’s themed wedding is not for me, I really love looking at wedding pictures from couples who have chosen 1920’s styling for their big day. Pearls and feathers are my favourite ways to subtly or elaborately bring a touch of the 1920’s in to the celebrations. The sleek dress silhouettes are simple and flattering on most figures but especially boyish figures, adorned with beads, peals and thin pleats, lace and ‘visible stitching’.

Other features of the 1920’s brides style is statement headpieces or long, draping veils, that cap the head and drape from in front of the ears and around the back of the head. When re-styling the 1920’s look, the modern bride often opts for no veil and instead having a lace or beaded headdress.

The Groom can also style himself in a real dapper 1920’s suit. Think pinstriped wide leg trousers, club collared shirts, and for the brave, contrasting jackets, with brogues to really finish off the look.

Choosing 1920’s inspired bridesmaid dresses is as easy as 1, 2, 3 by following these key ideas:

  • drop waists
  • beading
  • tassels
  • cap sleeves (beaded is lovely!)
  • Accessorize with long pearl necklaces

The great news is metallics are perfect for 1920’s inspired weddings, and gold is used in pretty much every 20’s styled wedding. Think gold leaf decorated wedding cake, gold shoes, metallic writing on the stationary, and vintage, art deco brooches, watches etc as wedding favours.

This wedding theme does not tend to lend itself to the budget savvy, however, 1920’s style bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses are easily found on the high street, and affordable online retailers even now, a couple of years after the infamous Gatsby film release. Plus gold beads/ ‘diamond’ gems scattered around vintage glasses/empty vintage perfume bottles can all be sourced very cheaply and create beautiful table decorations.

For a budget favour why not dip the tip of white feather in glitter and insert the inside of a cheap pen into the end? In my opinion there is nothing better than a usual wedding favour as people are more likely to take them home.

String gold- and glitter-dipped feathers around the ceremony for an ethereal feel: | 24 DIY Decorations That Will Make Any Wedding Look Like A Million Bucks

Irrelevant of your budget a 1920’s style wedding is achievable for all – remember rationing and frugality was around in the 20’s so a Great Gatsby style wedding celebration was very rare. Have you had a 1920’s inspired wedding, or are you planning one? If so what is/was your budget? What budgeting tips would you give to fellow Bs2B?

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