Grooms Reaction To Bride Walking Down The Isle

I’ve always said for me the ceremony is the wedding; everything else is just fluff. If I couldn’t afford the full day wedding celebration I would be perfectly happy to have “just” the ceremony. The ceremony is when the couple commit their lives to each other in front of their nearest and dearest. When I have the pleasure and honour of attending someones wedding my favourite part of the day is the ceremony. There is a real magic to a wedding ceremony: the brides walk down the isle, the grooms reaction to seeing his love in her bridal finery, the vows, the signing of the register – it’s the culmination of all those months planning. If the ceremony is personalised with personal vows, tailored readings or an addition to the norm such as a sand/rose or tree planting ceremony, I will cry – without fail.

Whenever I think about my wedding day my mind drifts to how my H2B will react to seeing me walk down the isle. I would be disappointed if he doesn’t turn to look at me as I walk down the isle. Assuming he will I hope to see a big reaction from him; whether that be his eyes growing and him mouthing “WOW!”, or a few tears falling from his eyes as he smiles a big smile at me or him gasping in shock, I crave to receive that emotionally charged positive reaction from him.

A part of me (maybe the part that wants to protect myself from total disappointment) is skeptical about the reactions from grooms seeing their bride for the first time that can be found on all corners of the internet. Some of the reactions are so strong, I wonder if the reaction is not entirely natural. Are they performing for the video cameras, providing their wife with the reaction she has told them she would like, or is this genuine love/surprise/awe they are experiencing?

Or are the men that show the reactions used to create the viral videos more emotional men day to day anyway? My H2B is of the typical cave man variety. He doesn’t express or talk about his emotions unless he is beside himself drunk, and I’ve only ever seen him cry when he is beside himself drunk and telling me about horrible events in his life. I can’t see my H2B giving me much of a reaction when I walk down the isle, but I still hope he does.

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