Weddings Bands – How to Save

I have discussed in a previous post ideas for how to save money on your wedding rings which included buying the bands online, buying second hand or changing Tesco club card points to Goldsmiths vouchers.

Since writing that post I have discovered another, much more appealing way to get quality wedding bands at a cut price.

When browsing wedding forums such as ‘youandyourwedding‘ I have seen brides gladly sharing news about them getting their wedding rings from ‘Jewellery Quarter‘, one example of such forum posters is Jolene who shared her budgeting success…

Wedding rings: We went to Jewellery Quarter. We had agreed a modest budget of around £350 each for our rings because I tried a ring on in that price region after we got engaged.

I thought we were being a bit tight because we decided that we wanted palladium (stronger than the white gold of my engagement ring and less likely to tarnish as I’ve had to get it replated already) and we didn’t want plain bands. Well, I don’t and my fiancé wants them to match. We’re also getting an infinity symbol engraved inside of both.

I chose a 3mm palladium band, with diamonds halfway round the band. It looks lovely behind my engagement ring because the stones go round my engagement band too so they match. £205!!!  I couldn’t believe it! OH’s in a 6mm studded palladium band came to £385. They’re exactly what we wanted and I couldn’t believe our luck to be coming away under budget,

We looked up the retail prices for equivalent bands on the high street when we got back and the £590 total we’d spent suddenly became £3000! 

I’d recommend JQ to anyone – can’t wait to go collect them in 3 weeks!

Jewellery Quarter is about a 2.5 – 3 hour drive from where I am in the UK, which is nothing if it means that the H2B and I get our perfect wedding rings within our budget from a trusted source.

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