Shoes Shoes Shoes!!!


Are you a shoe fanatic? Are you struggling to find the perfect shoes for your wedding day? Do you like personalisation?

If you are budgeting a max of £150 for your bridal shoes then a website you should most definitely visit is who create custom made shoes to your own design.

You can either provide your own shoes to Lace&Love or you can tell them what type of shoe you would like and they will source the shoe for you. Once the shoes have been chosen you then discuss what colour, materials and items you want to include in the design.

From this brief, I’ll create a rough design onto the shoes and send some pictures. At that stage, we can tweak anything. Once the design is approved by you, I fix it all permanently before coating them with a water and stain repellent. They are then bagged and boxed ready to send on their way!

The following pictures are taken from the website of Lace&Love and are linked to the website. 

I am seriously considering buying a pair of shoes I like and sending them to Lace&Love to have them personalised. Some of the shoes I would take inspiration from out of their portfolio are:


I’d have the vows on the back of the shoe as permanent reminder of the promises we are making to each other.


The time on the clock face could be set and frozen at the time of the ceremony and the other charms would be personal to the H2B and I. For us it would be a car charm and a little acorn charm maybe.

The lace put on the shoe could be off cuts from my wedding dress.


Lace&Love can help you keep lost loved ones close to you as you walk down the isle. I can’t think of a more special way to incorporate your loved ones who sadly can’t be with you.

Lace&Love are based in the UK. You can find them on Twitter here or on Pinterest here.

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