Save By Using Facebook Groups

Anyone who is on Facebook knows of and maybe uses Facebook groups. We all know that buying ‘second hand’/’once used’ is one of the best ways to save money on your big day, but how do you go about purchasing them?

One of the ways to find wedding items ‘once used’ is to find Facebook groups that have been set up for people to sell wedding paraphernalia. Some groups will be regional while others are set up for the selling of wedding items across the whole country. The groups with the most traffic will be the open groups as opposed to closed/private groups. A quick search for ‘wedding items’ in the Facebook search function will bring up a number of groups, however be careful not to join ones that are inactive.

Many Newlyweds choose to sell everything from table centerpieces, sweetie buffet jars and tools, to outdoor venue decorations and the little extras they’d bought after their big day to recoup some money. Some Newlyweds will even choose to sell bridal accessories, bridesmaid dresses and some even choose to sell their wedding dress. Most people who are selling off their decorations etc will do so a within the first year of marriage.

My favourite thing to look for in these groups is decorations. If you haven’t already, join/like the Facebook groups/pages in your area that are dedicated to selling wedding items. Sometimes people post wedding items for sale on generic selling pages too so make sure you are on those as well. Unless you’ve chosen a very unconventional colour scheme you will be able to pick up, ribbons, decorations, outfits etc in your wedding colour scheme and suiting your theme. Even if you can’t find items for sale that suit your theme/scheme you will still be able to buy things that don’t need to fit a theme or colour scheme such as bubbles for the table, diamanté table scatters, glass jars etc.

Big popular items can be bought and sold dozens of times – think big glass jars and scoops for a sweetie buffet, candle sticks, table number holders and photo booth props to name a few.

No one will know these items weren’t bought brand new by you, so why pay over the odds? Decorate your venue and add finishing touches to your day at a fraction of the cost of buying everything new.

Not to mention you can feel good twice – saving money and recycling!

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