Reception Games

Not everyone likes to dance and for those who don’t breaking the ice with people during the evening reception can be difficult. Many couples look for ways to keep guests entertained during the reception, however, entertainment such as magicians can be outside of many couples budgets. This doesn’t mean you can’t provide excellent entertainment on the cheap. Board Games scattered on tables, or having a board game table during the reception is a popular idea. Even if you don’t own board games you’re bound to be able to borrow a pack of cards and a couple board games from family or friends.

If you’re having a Games Table think about providing some of these:
A pack of cards
Mr & Mrs board game
Pictionary or Articulate
Something simple for younger children such as Connect 4

If, however you like the idea of inserting a bit of personalisation into this entertainment which will have your guests in hysterics why not give one of these personalised game ideas a try…

Personalised Guess Who 

You can get creative and have guests rolling with laughter with personalised Guess Who.

Remove the pictures from two Guess Who boards and add pictures of the wedding party (Bride, Groom, Best Man, Ushers, Bridesmaids, Father of the Bride etc). The pictures can DIY your own board gamesbe current or from childhood. This idea will work as long as you have 24 people you can use pictures of. Gather your pictures, print off four copies of each picture, two copies on paper (to go inside the slots of the Guess Who boards) and two copies on card to use as the picture the other has to guess.

Place the photos of each person in difficult slots on the two boards and you’re all set up.

If you’re not sure how to play, view the Hasbro rules here.


Personalised Wedding Top Trumps

This idea has to be my favourite! I grew up playing Top Trumps and love the idea of making personalised Top Trump cards using my friends and family. A Top Trumps deck usually includes 30 cards and have 5 categories, but if you can’t create 30 cards, any even number upwards from 22 will work fine.

Wedding Top TrumpsI had a quick go at creating my own Wedding Top Trump card using a stock image from Google and Excel on my lunch break – so if I can make them you definitely can too! :- D

The hardest part was thinking of the categories the game is played with, as I couldn’t find any inspiration on the internet to help me. I wanted the categories to be related to the wedding day as opposed to generic categories.

I finally decided upon Likelihood of tears, joker rating, chance of drunkenness, dancing odds and poser status. Guests playing the game in the evening will be able to see if the ratings have come true or not.

I created a Bride card and a Best Man card (the names are made up and the pictures are Wedding TopTrumpstaken from Google image search). With these cards the Bride would win against the Best Man for Likelihood of tears but the Best Man would win against the Bride for joker rating.

I’d print these off on card, cut them out and put them in a nice box to place on the games table. You can decorate the cards in your wedding colours and make the design as plain or as intricate as you wish.

If you’re not sure how to play Top Trumps, you can find play instructions here.

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