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If your budget is anything like mine there is categorically no room for a videographer, not unless that great aunt with the hairy mole on her chin gifts you with a handsome cheque.

Even if a videographer is in your budget you may be thinking twice about if you want one or not. A stranger pointing a camera in your friends faces asking them to comment on your day so far or to give a message to you? Your friends & family may understandably feel uncomfortable or freeze, not knowing what to say. Would your video feel personal, fun and truly reflect your day?

Well, thanks to Andrea and Becks (who you may remember from Dragons Den) at Shoot-It-Yourself you can have a professionally edited video of your special day shot by your friends and family!

With packages starting at just £199 (edit only package) a wedding video could never be more affordable. With the edit only package you ask your friends and family to film your wedding on their smart phones and video camcorders, send SIY the clips and let them edit your videos to your own choice of music.

If you had your heart set on a wedding video before the budget sheet told you that you couldn’t afford one then this would be the perfect solution for you.

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