My Parents Love Story


What love story do you treasure in your heart?
Anna and Will’s in Notting Hill? Johnny and Baby’s in Dirty Dancing? Bonnie and Clyde’s?

We all have a love story from a novel, film or from history that makes us swoon. Learning of these love stories makes us daydream of our own future love story, will he write me poems, will he cross the world to stay with me, oh please say he will devote his life to my very happiness. We dream of finding the one that will fix our broken pieces and make us forget our previous heartaches.

Which couple do you aspire to be in your relationship?
Lily and Marshall? Prince William and Kate Middleton? Dominic and Letty?

We take our ideas of what it takes to be in a relationship from Films, novels, TV shows and real life celebrity couples that are in long term loving relationships. We laugh with them, cry with them, fight with them and celebrate with them as they go through their relationship and we take mental notes that we hold when entering into our own relationships. When we’re in a long term relationship we may even compare ourselves to them even though we know we shouldn’t.
The relationship that I’ve always looked up to is that of my parents. My parents love story has always been my favourite, and I’d like to share with you why.

My parents met in January 1994 when they were both separately on a night out with a friend. My mum and her friend had gone to the bar, and while they were at the bar my Dad and his friend came into the room and sat at the empty table, not long before my mother and her friend returned and a jokey “you’re sat at our table” conversation began. After spending all night chatting as a four, my Dad saw my mum home and arranged to meet her the next day.

The next day my parents meet in town (my Dad walked in to town from the RAF base he was at which took him about 2 hours) and spent all day together. Dad walked mum home before spending about 6 hours desperately trying to find his way from my mums house back to the RAF base!

That day – the day after they first met –  my Dad asked my Mum if she would spend the rest of her life him! A couple of months later Dad bravely asks my mums Dad for my mothers hand in marriage. As can only be imaged my Grampy was beyond surprised and thought it very sudden, however he gave his blessing but told them they had to wait until at least September.

My Mum and Dad arranged their wedding for September 1st 1994 – 9 MONTHS AFTER FIRST CLAPPING EYES ON EACH OTHER!! Everyone warned them that it was too soon, said they were rushing in to it and worried the marriage was doomed to failure.

As soon as they were married my mother moved from Oxfordshire where she lived with her parents and three brothers to Wales to live with her new husband. Even during time when my parents were completely skint and scraped by from one pay day to the next, my Dad showered my Mum with love. One Mum was at work but Dad wasn’t, so he spent the day digging a heart shaped flower bed into the front lawn and filled it with marigolds before Mum came home.

January 1997 my sister was born in Scotland and 2 years and four months later I was born in Germany.

31 years later my parents are still madly in love and unable to imagine their lives without the other.

My Dad has really taught me what it is for a man to love a woman and my Mum has taught me how a woman loves a man. 

5 thoughts on “My Parents Love Story

  1. Oh my goodness! “…digging her a heart shaped flower bed into the front lawn and filled it with marigolds…” I just love this and what a thoughtful thing to do. Great ending to your story. Thanks for sharing!

    • I know right! There is a picture of the flower bed in one of their photo albums. I’d have loved to have included the picture in the post, but I don’t live with them so would have been a bit of mission to go to theirs and search their albums to get it.

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