Dreaming of Wedding Nightmare

For the past couple of months I’ve been having the same dream at least once a week.

The dreams play out slightly differently but the same things always happen.

I dream it is my wedding day and I’ve woken up late so have very little time to get ready. Last night I dreamt I didn’t wake up on my wedding day until 11AM! I then realise that there is no wedding cake as I never ordered it. The registrar never got booked in properly so the hotel wedding Coordinator has to marry us with vows printed off the internet. Sometimes the Groomsmen don’t have the suits they should do, or my dress doesn’t fit me. I try not to panic or to worry that things aren’t going to plan or that big wedding items have been completely forgotten.

One of my BMs runs out in one of the dreams to try and get some decorations as we have no table centrepieces and in another dream we can no longer use the venue we had booked and have to beg another venue to let us use them and then relocate the whole wedding somewhere else only a few hours before I’m meant to say “I Do”.

You may be thinking “don’t worry these dreams are normal, all Bride-to-be’s have dream like this” – but I’m still over 11 months away!! It’s not like I wake up screaming, crying or in a cold sweat but it does make me constantly think I need to create a wedding planning checklist. Not just pull one off the internet, but create one that is personal the wedding the H2B and I are planning.

If I’m having these dreams now, what will I be dreaming about in 6/9/10 months time?

I’ve just got to hope that as more gets organised and booked that the bad dreams of the wedding falling apart or nothing going to plan will stop.

Have you had these dreams? When did they start?

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