Lesson Learnt from a Sample Sale

samplesaledisappintmentOn Monday my sister and I attended a Sample Sale event hosted by a Bridal Shop in Swindon. I feel for this post it is best that I do not state the name of the boutique in question. The sample sale was hosted in a pubs function area where pop up changing rooms had been erected and three dress rails took centre stage.

I found out about the sample sale as my sister advised me they were having a week sale of sample dresses within the boutique. I couldn’t make it to the boutique that week so I phoned to ask when they would next be having a sale and the assistant advised me (on the down low) that they would be selling all of their 2015 samples over two evening sales.

4P-8PM on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th – So naturally I went on the Monday.

The feel of the room did deflate me quite a lot. The realisation of what finding your dress on a budget can mean you miss out on – the special feeling you get with booking a private appointment and twirling in front of just your chosen people in dresses you’ve hand selected.

Pushing the disappointment aside I put on my practical head and started to look through the dresses on the rails. Another wave of displeasure came over me as I couldn’t find a single dress I liked even a little bit. There was mountains of bling, satin and strapless – not what I am looking for at all! My sister encouraged me to stay for a bit longer to see what dresses came out from the changing rooms as women discarded dresses, but as gowns came out of the dressing rooms I still didn’t see a single dress that I wanted to try on, let alone buy.


Before you attend a sample sale event make sure you visit the bridal boutique beforehand. I did not visit the boutique to see what styles they stocked before attending the sale which was a big mistake. Each Bridal Boutique stock different styles of dresses (plus they choose to stock different sample sizes) and the styles stocked will change each season. Some will stock more lace or more embellished, some will stock more with sleeves or straps while others will keep a majority of strapless gowns.

it is vital it ensure you know the type of gowns the boutique stocks and what dresses may be included in the sample sale (A few covert questions are all that are needed to figure this out).

I have not been put off of attending other sample sales in the future! But I will be more careful to ensure that I know more about the boutique first.

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