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My Budget Wedding  Entertainment  Wedding Guess Who Game

Many couples who know they are having a contingent of children at their wedding worry about how to keep the children entertained during the course of the wedding day.

My husband and I had 7 children under 6 (2 of them were under 1) and two autistic children 16 or under at our wedding and I really did not notice any of them in a negative way at any point during the day. Most children are able to sit still and quiet for 20-30 minutes, which is the average duration of a wedding ceremony, after which time they are able to walk about and play during the welcome drinks and the pictures being taken.

The wedding breakfast is then a great time for the children as they get their food and can play with their parents and the other guests, and you really will be surprised what simple and completely inexpensive things can keep children entertained during the wedding breakfast, which is when most people worry children may be the most disruptive out of boredom.

Here is what my husband and I did to help keep our child and adult guests alike entertained.

Bubbles on the tables


What would a wedding be without bubbles? I can’t remember the last wedding I went to where there wasn’t bubbles on the tables. They’re a staple and something I didn’t want to forgo.

I bought a box of bubbles from the pound shop, peeled off the original labels and designed and printed off my own labels using paint and Microsoft Word.  Making the labels was a lot simpler than I thought it would be.

We put two bottles of bubbles on tables that had children and one bottle on tables without children.

I now have the most wonderful pictures of children blowing bubbles together.



Guest Book

Next to the guestbook I put a sign asking people to fill our guest book in with what ever took guestbookblogtheir fancy. From words of wisdom, or their favourite recipe to the younger guests drawing us a picture. This meant that parents weren’t worried about handing the guest book to their children and it really made the children feel special being able to write a message or draw a picture for the Bride and Groom.

It makes me so happy when I flick trough the guest book and see the wonderful little pictures they drew and their sweet hand writing preserved in time. Definitely makes a nice change to usual dry messages that fill the pages from adult guests.

Guess Who – Personalised 

One of the hardest wedding crafts I had was creating a personalised wedding Guess Who.

I started by buying a Guess Who games. I then, using paint and Microsoft word took weddingguesswhoblogpictures of wedding party members and other special wedding guests and sized them to the same size as the stock pictures than came with the game. After printing them out I laminated them before very carefully cutting them out.

I created another sign which gave the rules (just in case) and encouraged people to take the game to their table to play.

The photographer captured some great pictures of people playing with the game, and all it cost me was £5 for the game plus ink, paper and my time.

All of these things were provided as entertained for all the guests, young and old, during the wedding breakfast; however the thing that kept the children the most entertained was something I hadn’t planned – they took to going around the tables with their favour bags collecting the scatter cyrstals. So really, irrelevant of how much you spend, trying to ensure children aren’t bored, they may really surprise you, and like the children at my wedding, keep themselves entertain in wonderful ways you’d never thought of.

8 thoughts on “My Budget Entertainment

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  3. Wow! The personalized Guess Who is truly amazing. I’ve never seen that anywhere before at any wedding. You’re very creative and obviously it worked to keep the children (and I’m sure adults!) entertained.

  4. These are great tips! I’ve also seen couples hire a babysitter for the ceremony right at the venue. It’s good to have a plan!

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