My Wedding Favours

In previous posts I have advised that the budget wedding planning couple can cross favours off of their list to help save money. Favour bags are definitely something unnecessary and guests definitely will not notice if they aren’t there. I still, and always will stand by this. However, if you do decide to include favour into your wedding breakfast, do not spend a lot of money on them. Even at my wedding, a couple were left on the tables at the end of the evening; and had we spent a lot of money on them we would have been gutted.

Our Favour Bags

I bought the favour bags themselves from HobbyCraft; they worked out as 50p per bag.
We then bought each adult guest a £1 scratch card to put in the bags.
From ebay we ordered personalized packs of Love Hearts and (unpersonalised) pieces of loveheartblogrock. The children had just sweets in their bags and the adults had some sweets and a scratch card.
In total the favours came to no more than £2 each which was a lot less than I could find any pre-made favours on the internet.
All of the adults loved the scratch cards, especially those who had won something, and who doesn’t love sweets!

When we were thinking about the wedding favours the following things crossed through our minds:

  • We wanted them to be in-keeping with our theme. The hessian bags felt right for the autumnal theme.
  • Easy for guests to take home with them. Many favours are in bulky boxes which don’t fit in jacket pockets or clutch bags making them difficult for the guests to take with them. Ideas such as small jars of home made jam, or little flower pots with a flower in them are beautiful ideas and no doubt look lovely on the tables, but you really do have to think how you would feel spending that money on them for them to be left on the tables at the end of the wedding breakfast. The hessian bags were ideal for popping into jacket pockets or clutch bags.
  • Budget Friendly. Many favour ideas you find on the internet are really not budget friendly at all!  At £2 per favour we were very happy with the cost of ours.


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