My Super Budget Bridal Accessories

As promised here is my post on my Bridal Accessories I had for my wedding on 8th October 2016. 

I  don’t tend to wear a lot of jewellery day to day. Occasionally I’ll put earrings in and every now and then I’ll wear a necklace, however generally the only piece of jewellery I’d wear before getting married was my engagement ring (now it’s engagement ring and wedding ring).

For months before the wedding I was pinning bridal accessories such as the below. I had my mind set on a leafy gold hair piece of some kind and pearl earrings.

accessoriesblogWhat I’d imagined for my Bridal accessories

However, about 6 months before the wedding the husband-to-be’s aunt asked if I would like to wear the headband that the other ladies in the family had worn. I knew that the H2Bs sister had worn it for her wedding two years before, and his aunt told me one of his cousins and a cousins wife had also worn it at their weddings. I was so happy to be asked if I’d like to wear it, and knowing the others had, made me feel really special, and a part of something, as though I really was properly joining his family by also wearing it. So, even though the headband wasn’t something I’d choose myself I happily agreed to wear it.


I did however get to wear pearl earrings like I’d wanted. They were also borrowed. From my Mum. They were pretty much exactly what I wanted and I loved the fact my Mum had lent them to me for my special day.

As my dress was rather decorative with lace and beading around the neckline I thought it would be too much to wear a necklace or a bracelet, so the earrings and the hairband completed my Bridal accessories. bridallookblog
There you have it. My Bridal accessories were completely free, and I really couldn’t have been happier. 


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