My Wedding Breakfast Centrepieces

I didn’t have any set ideas for what I wanted the wedding breakfast table centrepieces to be. I only knew I didn’t want floral centrepieces as that wouldn’t have worked with the rest of the wedding.


My Actual Centrepieces 

A few months before the wedding the H2Bs Sister advertised on Facebook some birdcages she had used at her wedding, I thought the birdcages were lovely so I contacted her saying that I would like the birdcages for the H2B and I’s wedding. I figured any mutual guests, either wouldn’t remember that the birdcages had been used at the SIL2Bs wedding, or wouldn’t recognise them as I would dress them very differently. 

The SIL2B happily gave me the birdcages saying she was happy they would be used again. So that was the first part acquired. About 8 big ones and 9 little ones.

Birdcages = FREE


Next I bought mirror plates and gold photo frames. There are Facebook pages especially for selling and advertising wedding products and services for the area I live in and I utilised these a lot during the planning. These pages are often used by people to sell the items they have left from their wedding that they don’t want to keep. 

I found the mirror plates and gold photo frames being sold by a woman who had got married a couple months before hand and she only lived in the next town over. For 9 mirror plates and 9 gold photo frames I paid £20.00.


The rest of the centrepieces were made up with pine cones, scatter crystals, tea light candles and the wedding table bubbles

1/3 of the pine cones were left natural, 1/3 were sprayed blue and 1/4 were sprayed gold. – sprayed gold.

The total cost of all of this was no more than £10. Which means my entire table centrepieces cost me £30! Now that is budget if ever I’ve heard of budget wedding centrepieces. 

1 big birdcage used on each guest table, based on one of the mirror plates, with the pine cones scattered around the mirror plates. To the side of that was the gold frame table names, with scatter crystals used in the usual fashion completed the array. 

A couple of the small birdcages were used for the long top table, while others were used for the cake table etc. 

Post in the comments below how much you’ve spent or are planning to spend on your centrepieces and maybe tweet me a picture of them to @IDoOnABudget I’d love to see how you made your wedding breakfast centrepieces on your budget. 

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