Autumnal Table Plan


Initially I didn’t plan on buying the tree. The plan was to put sticks/twigs into a pot filled with stones/sand to keep the twigs in place. I’m not sure why this plan didn’t happen and why we ended up buying the tree… 

But anyway, we did buy the tree, from Hobbycraft no less, although we did manage to get it imag2156for £25.00 which is probably no more than a nice pot and stones/sand to fill it would have cost us.

We’d already bought the thin gold ribbon, which was a pound from the bargain bucket section of Hobbycraft, then the rest was just paper, ink and some laminating sheets.

Sneakily I took the work laminator home with me one weekend along with the laminating sheets (with the approval of the lady who is in charge of the office supplies) so that cost me nothing Image result for emoticon

All the tables names were my Husbands favourite Fords:
Cortina, Escort, Granada, Capri, Anglia, Sierra and Fiesta. 

Out of everything, the hardest part of creating the table plan, was creating the template. I used word mostly and a swirly image I didn’t create.

After cutting out, and laminating all that was left to do was punch a hole and feed a length of ribbon through for attaching to the tree. tableplanblog

One of things I missed from my wedding day about attending weddings is being able to discover everything and to see other peoples reactions to different elements of the day.

When you’re the Bride and Groom you don’t really get to see your guests reactions to anything. For example all of our guests entered the wedding breakfast before us, meaning they were seeing things such as the table plan and other decorations without us being there to see their reactions. I don’t know if it sounds bad or not, but I feel sad I didn’t get to see all of that.

Feeling that way makes pictures such as the below from our photographer extra special.

tableplanreactionblogI’m really glad we went with a tree table plan. Maybe it wasn’t the cheapest table plan option, nor was it the most budget friendly element of the day, but it fitted with our autumnal theme perfectly and it would seem our guests enjoyed the quirky way of displaying the plan. 

Even as a budget Bride/Groom sometimes not going with the cheapest option is the right answer, as long as it fits into your overall budget. 

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