Budget Floral Inspiration from Pinterest


Flowers and weddings are a combination very difficult to break. Flowers are just… well… everything to a Spring/Summer wedding. They symbolise your style, tie in to your colour scheme and can be as formal or as relaxed as you want them to be. 

Flower arrangements can be extravagant with tall centrepieces and cascading bouquets…. however they also work incredibly beautifully in relaxed arrangements perfectly suiting many styles from garden party to vintage inspired themes. 

Think, bountiful amounts of Babys Breath, singular Roses, Sweet Pea flowers, Tulips, Gerbera Daisies, Daisy Sprays, Carnations, Rice Flower and for something a bit different consider Blue Thistles. 

Imagine jams jars or coffee jars dressed up with glitter, ribbons or even rustic twine filled with informally arranged flowers. Perhaps a wine bottle with a single long stemmed flower takes centre stage of an array of jam jars for each table at your wedding breakfast. 

These arrangements won’t only cost you very little but it won’t take much time to put these together the day before. Stick with what is in season and try to avoid imported flowers then order from a wholesaler or market in buckets to further reduce your costs.


All images are on one of my Pinterest boards
and the original sources are:

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