14 Ways I Reduced the Cost of my Wedding

I often get asked how I was able to cut my wedding costs down by so much to meet my 6.5K budget. This question is one I love answering as it really can be very simple. Often you can meet your budget without even having to remove elements your guests will notice or miss. These 14 simple changes can save you big bucks and are so easy to implement!

This isn’t a comprehensive list of things the Husband and I did to reduce costs, but these 14 things are the main ways we ensured we hit budget.

How many can you incorporate into your wedding planning? 

What other little changes have you made to save money?


12 thoughts on “14 Ways I Reduced the Cost of my Wedding

  1. These are all really great ideas for a non-traditional wedding. Being from the US though I have to say… no open bar!? Ha! But if it worked for your wedding that is fantastic. So did you have no alcohol at all or was it just beer or wine? Curious how this worked out as I know the UK has many famous pubs.

    • There was a bar in the room where we had our wedding breakfast and reception. We did supply the ‘welcome drink’ which is given to gusts after the ceremony and we provided 1 bottle of red wine and 1 bottle of white wine on every table for the wedding breakfast. Plus a glass of bubbly was given to every one for the toasts.

      But apart from that guests bought their own drinks from the bar from the usual full drink selection you get at any bar.

  2. Number 7 – reducing the size of the guest list is one of the easiest ways to save money! It is also the hardest to explain to friends and family.

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  4. Great wedding budgeting tips! I feel that the cost of food at a wedding nowadays is one of your greatest expenses – and it shouldn’t be that way! I love the idea of serving Bacon Butties! 🙂

  5. ah, there’s SO MUCH I love about this. you really went through it and decided what was important to you and what you didn’t need and what you could save on! brilliant tips and very thought-provoking for anyone looking for some ideas on how to keep the costs down.

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