Twitter Chat hours

For a number of years I have been regularly joining Twitter chat hours; this is not a surprise to many of you as I have mentioned meeting a number of people during chat hours in previous posts.

There are a great many different chats that happen all day every day for all different topics, times and geographical areas. Depending on your interests will determine which chats you join in with, if any. 

The problem is I’m not great at remembering what chats are when, which is why two years ago I created this list. However since creating that list a few of the hours seem to have gone to the chat graveyard, only ever to be occasionally used as a hashtag in someones tweet. Two such chats that are now quieter than your local library are #bridehour and #weddingoclock which is a real shame as it leaves only one day of the week where there are Twitter chats dedicated to everything wedding. 

For me I like to join in with any chat that is geared towards bloggers or people in the wedding business. So here is my new list of the chat hours I join in with. If think this list would be helpful to you, feel free to pin to Pinterest or save as a pinned tweet on Twitter


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