Post Wedding Post

post wedding post
This has taken me a little while to write… we’ve been married for 119 days (nearly 4 months!!) but here it is…
It felt really odd to me when we got to the point where it was just 1 week to go. It didn’t feel real. After months and months of planning it didn’t seem real that the day could actually come round.

The Morning & Getting Ready

Room: An Executive Suite

I remember thinking the morning was going to go on for ages, which may not be a feeling that you’d get if your ceremony time is early. With the ceremony time being at 3pm, but having woke at 6:30-7am ish my Bridesmaid Donna and I had a long time to slowly get ready. We got showered and dressed and went for breakfast soon after waking. After breakfast we took a look in the ceremony and reception rooms to ensure everything was still okay in both of the rooms as we’d set everything up decorations wise the night before. The only things we hadn’t set up the night before was the floral pedestals and the wedding cake as these were going to be delivered by the suppliers at some point during the morning. The floral pedestals were in the ceremony room and looked fantastic, but the wedding cake hadn’t yet been delivered into the reception room. 

As we felt at a bit of a loss in what exactly to do we took a walk around the venue where we got offered a free glass of champagne we then took back to our room. It was at this point I realised I wasn’t sure what time my sister, parents, our photographer or my hairdresser were going to arrive.

By the time my sister, parents, hairdresser and Dees’ daughter Hollie (who was doing our make-up for us) had arrived, everything went from being calm and seeming like we had forever, to being very hectic and seeming like there wasn’t much time. 

I thought I wanted to have a bustling busy room filled with my hairdresser Katie, photographer, MUA, BMs and my Mum, but actually I found myself getting stressed out by the noise and commotion all those people were creating in the room, especially as I was having my hair done at the time, and having my hair done has always been a source of anxiety for me. 

At one point I strongly encouraged my sister to take Dees’ daughters to go check out the rooms so they could see the decorations before everyone else. Once they had left the room I was able to calm the nerves that had been building inside and it allowed my hairdresser to finish my hair without any distractions. 


Once my hair was done everyone came back into the room and I was back to enjoying having everyone there. Katie was moving on to do Trudy and my Mums hair while Hollie started on my make up. 


At one point the hotel staff asked if we could change rooms, but thankfully Trudy as the fabulous bridesmaid she was for me soon sorted that out so we could stay in the room until everyone was ready. 

The ‘getting ready’ section of the day was the single longest section of the whole day as you could say it lasted from 7am to 2pm. 


The Ceremony 

Room: The Greens Room

My emotions were out for all to see from the moment my Dad came to collect me from the getting ready room to the moment we had signed the register. 

I was tearing up when I saw my Dads reaction to seeing me in my wedding dress, I was nervous as anything during the pre-ceremony interview with the Registrars, I couldn’t control my nerves as Dad and I stood waiting for our moment to walk down the isle, and I can’t count how many tissues Dad passed me to dab my tears as Steven and I gave our vows to each other. 

I was so full of emotion I didn’t hear my entrance song, and I don’t remember hearing any music playing during the signing of the register, and I think I was only just aware of our processional song playing as we made our way out. 

After Ceremony – The Photo Section of the Day 

Room: The Balcony and outside 
As Steven and I exited the ceremony room I started to feel calmer and less emotional. The first time I got any proper awareness of all of our guests was as we greeted them out of the ceremony room to the balcony where our welcome drinks were being served due to the fact it was raining outside. 

I actually really enjoyed greeting each guest and thanking them for coming. We had 48 guests to the day, so it wasn’t a large group of people at all, mostly family with a select few very close friends. 

I did have a ‘damsel in distress’ moment when I got very hot, choked on a sip of champagne and started coughing. I often struggle to stop myself coughing after choking on a liquid so I quickly exited the room but was followed by a family member who was concerned due to not knowing if I was choking or crying. I made my way back to The Greens Room  to stand by the open doors to cool down. Soon Steven and Natalie (our photographer) joined me and we decided to stat taking pictures.

The taking pictures part of the day was really rather stressful. One of our ushers wasn’t overly helpful, so we were relying on pretty much just one usher to help round up the guests who seemed to be dotted around everywhere and took forever to actually get to the point we wanted them to be for pictures. We expected that once guests had been asked to make their way outside for pictures, they would either be outside or in the bar, which was just inside, but it would seem this wasn’t the case due to how long it was taking to have everyone together that we wanted together for different photographs.
The length of time it took to have everyone in the right place at the right time for each picture, combined with the me failing to give the users a copy of the list of people needed for each photo and and list of photos I wanted to achieve meant we didn’t get all the different shots we hoped to get. 

Wedding Breakfast 

Room: Cromwell
Steven and I were announced into the room after everyone had entered and found their way to their tables. It was a lovely surprise to see that the wedding coordinator had arranged for the pedestal flowers to be moved from the ceremony room to either side of the top table.
We were a little worried what our guests would think to our plan to have served buffet style, but we needn’t have been as it went down with our guests very well. Everyone was able to choose what they wanted to have on the day.
Main Choices: Lasagna, vegetable cannelloni, Broccoli and Stilton quiche. There was also, new potatoes, mixed salad leaves, green beans and couscous available. 
Pudding Choices: Vanilla Cheesecake or Chocolate Tart 
Steven and I circulated the room inbetween courses ensuring we spoke to every guest. After eating we got started with the speeches, for which my Dad went first then Steven and I both spoke, then last but not least the speech from the best man. 

I can’t particularly remember how we exited the wedding breakfast, who exited first for anything else so I presume the Master of Ceremonies told us to move back to The Balcony for Tea and Coffee we all slowly made our way. 

Tea & Sparklers

Room: The Balcony and Outside 
Moving rooms and using different parts of the hotel kept everything fresh, however the balcony seemed like a very hot part of the hotel. We used it three times in total during the wedding and every time I was up on the Balcony I struggled with how hot it was. After relaxing with a tea of coffee most of our guests came outside with us to enjoy some sparklers out the front of the hotel. Another thing I kinda failed on in the planning of the day was discussing the logistics of how the sparklers would be done with the ushers, however the hotel staff were amazing and helped us get everyone’s sparklers lit at a similar time with ease. 
Once the sparklers had died out our guests made their way back inside while Steven and I went with the photographer to try to get a few more Bride&Groom pictures done, although these didn’t actually come out very well at all, it was nice to have a bit of time away from everyone to reflect on the day so far. 

Evening Reception 

Room: Cromwell
Usually the reception is my least favourite section of a wedding; which is completely the opposite to most other people I’ve met who say the reception is their favourite part. But when you are the Bride or Groom the reception becomes a very enjoyable part of the day as there aren’t any pressures to the reception (unless you’re worrying about your complicated first dance routine!) and generally except for the first dance perhaps all of the emotional moments are passed. 

We both agreed we wouldn’t drink during the reception as neither of us wanted to be drunk on the wedding day or hungover the day after. Despite the fact we weren’t drinking I was taken aback by how few people offered to buy either of us a drink. As the Bride I didn’t have any money on me, so I just kept asking for a glass of water from the bar, or putting some J2O’s on a tab for the Husband and I.


The main highlights of the evening were cutting the cake, our first dance to James Arthur – Say You Won’t Let Go and the bacon/sausage/egg rolls and cake being served as well as general making shapes on the dance floor. 

After the majority of guests had left and the DJ had played his last song we rounded off the evening sat up on the balcony again enjoying a last drink and chat before sneaking off to our Bridal Suite.


The husband and I opened our cards and presents that had been put in our room for us earlier, whilst enjoying a glass of champagne before hitting the hay. That night was one of the best nights sleep we’d ever had! 

Everyone told me the day goes by really quickly, and I was trying to do everything I could on the day to savour the moments and to stop it going so quickly, but it still went crazy quick. It felt like such a whirlwind and the day after I couldn’t believe it was over. Experiencing that for myself has strengthened my resolve to be an advocate for people not getting themselves into debt for their wedding day.

7 thoughts on “Post Wedding Post

  1. I totally understand! You put in all this planning and then it is done in a blink of an eye. One of the things I did that helped me stop and savor the moment was take a break during the cocktail hour. My husband and the groomsmen went to the cocktail hour. I went back to the suite with my bridesmaid and took a breather. The venue had brought up some of the food from our cocktail hour. It was kind of like putting the day on pause and it helped me regroup before the reception.

    • That sounds like a good idea. It was nice to have the few moments on my own with my hairdresser as that helped to calm my rising nerves. And the husband and I had a few stolen moments alone when guests were going into rooms before us, I think we worried about being away form our guests too long so didn’t take as much, just us time as we probably should have.

  2. Getting ready just flew by for me. I had to leave the hotel suite to drive a few miles to a makeup studio by myself. Man, that was actually really nice to be alone and have time to myself for a little bit. It calmed me down a lot!

  3. I this post. It reminds me of my wedding and all I forgot to plan for. I was doing it myself and mainly focused on the basic wedding needs. Ha. I personally hated 50% of my wedding day, but I loved that we got married, spent time with friends and family and had a wonderful family friend marry us. (He recently passes away) He was amazing and a wonderful reverend. He came to our rehearsal in his hunting gear! I am from a small town. This is normal. Always remember the little things.

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