1st Valentines as Man & Wife

Today is the Husband and I’s first Valentines day since getting hitched; and it’s our 5th since we started our relationship.

On the lead up to our first Valentines I made the mistake of saying I didn’t want him to get me anything cheesy (think massive teddies, roses, chocolates etc) which he took to mean, don’t get me anything at all. Come Valentines Day I got him a card and personal dog tags and some other bits while I got nothing in return; not even a card. I was a bit surprised as my thinking at the time was he would think outside the box and get me something a bit different to normal. I was wrong. All her heard was “don’t get me anything“.

The next year I’d learnt from my mistake the previous year; I told him I would like him to buy me something but just not a massive teddy as I’ve no where to put it.

Since then we’ve had years where we’ve simply bought each other a card and eaten an M&S dine in 2 for £10 meal, and one year where we actually had dinner out together on Valentines day.

It’s not that we’ve been unable to afford to celebrate Valentines day or that either of us in anti-Valentines. It’s just that most years neither of us is overly fussed about celebrating the day.

Today we both went to work, giving each other a kiss goodbye and this evening I cooked us dinner and we’ve relaxed in front of the TV. Not a card, a bar a chocolate or a flower exchanged. This is the first Valentines day where we’ve not done anything at all, where neither of us has bought anything for the other.

I’m not sad, not angry, I’m not jealous of the women who received flowers at work today and I’m not being a martyr. It’s not because we’re unhappy together, because we’re boring or due to us being skint. We both love a celebration, and we aren’t grumpily saying we’re not celebrating it because it’s hallmark day, or because it is ‘forced shows of affection’.

Simply, last week, I said, “next week is Valentines day. Do you want to celebrate it?”, he shrugged, and I said I wasn’t bothered about it, so we’ve both not done anything.

Having said that we are going out for dinner soon, most likely next weekend as this weekend we’re helping my sister move house… so we’ll be treating that as our ‘Valentines day’.

How have you spent your day? Do you celebrate it in a big way or do you not tend to bother either?

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