Wedding Dress = Donated

My Wedding Dress = Donated
I got married on 8th October 2016 and today my wedding dress was donated to a charity shop.

The morning after my wedding my parents helped the Husband and I clear out our bridal suite hotel room, and load the car up with all the decorations etc. As we were checking out Dad asked me what I’d like done with my wedding dress. My parents were taking the pedestal flowers with them to donate to their local church and Dad had agreed to return the hired groomsmen suits for us. As we were stood there checking out my Mum had my dress in its bag slung over her arm. I instantly said they could donate it to their favourite local charity shop.

You see, I’ve moved around a lot. In the past 7 years alone I’ve lived in 5 houses. Safely storing a wedding dress is difficult when you are moving regularly. Plus the Husband and I were planning on starting saving for a house deposit as soon as we got back from honeymoon. So hopefully the next move I make will be my last for a good number of years if we are able to (fingers crossed we will be able to) buy a home of our own. Due to this, £200 or so to get my gown dry cleaned just felt like a lot of money, especially if I were to add another £100 or so to have it put in  a proper storage box.

Trudy Lee Wedding Dress in Champagne

After coming back from honeymoon I found out my parents hadn’t donated my wedding dress.

I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a spur of the moment decision, I wanted you to have chance to change your mind, if you wanted to keep the dress.
My Dad

It had stayed in its dress bag, as it was when we packed it up the morning after I became a Mrs, in one of the spare rooms at my parents house.

Since finding out they’d not donated it to allow me time in case I changed my mind, I hadn’t given my dress much thought until Mum messaged me earlier today. My parents are moving house. Their house has been on the market for awhile but a week ago they accepted an offer and also had an offer they made on a house accepted, and today they started packing.

This prompted Mum to contact me again about what I wanted to do with my dress – IE they aren’t going to store it for me forever.

Why do married women keep their wedding dress?
Because of the old tradition of using the wedding dress to make the children’s christening outfits?
In the hope you may have a daughter and she might want to wear your dress on her own wedding day?
Purely because you can’t bare to part ways with the dress you painstakingly chose and no doubt spent a large part of your wedding budget on? 

Well, I don’t plan on getting my future children christened.
I don’t know anyone who has worn their Mothers’ wedding dress on their own wedding day.
I can bare to part with it. I’ve got my pictures. I have other elements from my wedding and my wedding day outfit that I’m keeping such as my wedding shoes – both of them. I don’t feel I need the dress stored in a loft for no reason other than sentiment.


So, once again, I made the same decision I made more than 5 months ago; that I wanted the dress to be donated to charity.

As an ex-Bride who was on a small budget herself, I did contemplate buying a pre-loved dress; but then I found my dress which was itself a sample sale dress (I later had alterations made to).

I love to think that perhaps a Bride2B on a small budget looking to buy a pre-loved wedding dress to help her have the day of her life for less may see my dress and fall in love with it. That another Bride2B will try the gown on and picture herself walking down the isle towards the love of her life. I love the thought that my wedding dress could be part of another big day; that it will look amazing on another Bride as she stands before her partner to vow her life to them 

I’m not sure what the charity shop will do with it. If they’ll advertise it for sale themselves or pass it to a specialist wedding charity shop such as the Oxfam bridal shops or if it will even stay in the UK; perhaps it will be sent to another country. Who knows. But wherever the dress goes I feel it is better that it may get to be part of another love story than just sitting in a dark and lonely loft.

I’d love it hear all about what you did with your dress after your wedding day and how you came to the decision. Did you keep your dress? If so did it get put away in the dress bag without being dry cleaned? Did you have the dress dry cleaned and then put in a storage box? Or perhaps you had it mounted into a display box frame?

If you chose to sell your wedding dress how did you come to the decision yourself?

4 thoughts on “Wedding Dress = Donated

  1. I kept mine. It was from a regular store in the US, just a white linen dress. I was going to wear it again. I haven’t yet. I *will* wear it again. I just had two babies in two years but I think it might fit me just in time for this year’s anniversary…

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