Wedding Stationary: Communicating what you want 

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You may have a clear vision for your big day of how you want everything from stationary designs to table decorations to look. Or you may be like I was – absolutely clueless about exactly how you want everything to be. You may know what colour scheme you want and what theme you’re going to have but struggle to visual how you’d like things such as your invitations to look/be designed.

Personally, I found trying to choose what I wanted my invitations to look like, what I wanted included on the invitation in regards to font types, imagery etc very hard, and I struggled to know how to communicate my ideas on how I wanted the invitations to be to a stationary design company.

That’s why I’ve teamed up with the brilliantly talent and extremely friendly Mark and Frankie, the Husband and Wife team who created to bring you their expert tips and advice on how to make up your mind and how to communicate your ideas to your chosen stationary designer…

Advice on how to choose what you want from your wedding invitations and how to communicate that to your stationer from Big Day Print

Preparing for your big day can be very daunting – many people have no idea where to start on the hundreds of things to do in preparation for the wedding. I know Mark and I sure didn’t, and I was so determined not to be a “Bridezilla”  – for months I wouldn’t even talk about our wedding with anyone just to avoid this. I was in my own world … lost in Pinterest boards and Etsy with no clue what I was even looking at half the time. That’s when I realised, I had to talk to people (just maybe not the family).

DSC_1573 editYou see people have opinions – FACT. You won’t always share the same opinions – FACT. But that doesn’t mean people don’t see it from your side. Or that their opinions should be discounted.

I learnt the above very quickly when planning our big day; in fact I learnt a lot when planning our wedding… one of the key bits being… I knew NOTHING… (I can hear my husbands cheers at that statement!)… I mean, I know stuff… I just realised I had no clue about what flowers I wanted (or even that there were so many), what the different types of material chair sashes could come in and how many tiers of a cake you have to have as “fake” ones for it to be stable … I’m having a mini melt down just reminiscing (breathe, breathe, breathe).

Another thing I knew nothing about was lamination; should I choose loss or matt?
Luckily for me, my then husband-to-be (now we can drop the “to-be” *
squeal*) was an expert in this. Mark’s a Graphic Designer by trade and he had been working for a printing company for over 4 years.

He’s actually the reason you are here today (not in that sense… stay with me, ha). If it wasn’t for DSC_1585 edithis passion and love for all things design (I may not have married him so maybe I can take part of the credit… but), Big Day Print would just be a dream and I wouldn’t be able to share with you my mad ramblings.

You see out of all the lessons I learnt when planning our wedding is that to talk to someone who’s an expert is the best thing you can do. They can put your mind at rest and give you the feeling you’re in safe hands.

And believe it or not they are really easy to talk to – any good wedding supplier can listen to your ideas and work WITH you to achieve the perfect day. I know how daunting this seemed to me in the beginning but honestly from an introvert, you are the expert of your ideas so there is no one better equipped to explain what you want. It doesn’t have to be war and peace (like this I hear you say… I’ll be done soon I promise), it just has to be you.

Remember we as suppliers, are here to ease your workload and stress levels by giving you a service and experience that will put your mind at ease. It’s a big day for us too; just like you don’t want red wine spilling on your dress, suppliers don’t want you and the guests thinking their hard work is rubbish.

And when it comes to specifics like stationery, some couples know exactly what they want, which is great for us, as you can provide a detailed vision of what you are after. Whether it’s the latest trend or something weird and wonderful, we can help – Big Day Print can take any brief you have and transform it into something amazing and personalised to you.

DSC_1592 edit

However, if you are struggling to find what you want, like I was (I didn’t realise I had a theme till Mark pointed it out as we were designing the Engagement Invitations… and then it became THE theme… I had a theme *squeal* again) or if you only have a colour scheme decided upon, you can always depend on our expertise to create the perfect wedding stationery for you. We believe that your wedding stationery should be as individual as you are, and that it shouldn’t break the bank!

So, if you have lasted this long, firstly, thank you and as a parting ramble from me to you here’s some simple top tips on deciding what you want and telling people:

  1. Write it down – simple as it sounds if you write on paper what you want then it’s easier to read it to / tell people
  2. Pin it Pin it Pin it – It a great way of working out what you like and what you don’t like. Save pictures of elements that you like and keep comments of what it was you like. Find a font you like but the rest of the invitation isn’t what you’re looking for? That’s fine, save the picture to show your chosen stationary designer the type of font you like. 
  3. If you can’t say it, send it – send your suppliers your pins/pictures so they can get a feel for what you like. The pins you send don’t have to be of just invitations you like, but can also be of any pictures that inspire your stationary ideas. 
  4. Ask the experts – we’re a chatty bunch who love what we do and want your day to be perfect. Personally I love to live vicariously through our Brides-to-be now I’m married (*squeal* again – sorry).
  5. Change your mind – and be OK with it. You will change your mind a few times between getting engaged and the time you start booking and paying for things. Don’t be worried if you change your mind, once, twice or more. And if you change it back then you know that is what you really wanted. 

Above all – remember it’s about you and your marriage: the latest trend, the hottest dress, the highest shoes, it doesn’t matter. If at the end of the day you marry the one you love, everything else is just a one day show.

And if all else fails – get a really good Wedding Planner so they can do the talking

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