Post Wedding Change

Post Wedding Hair Change

Over the past 10 years I’ve had blonde highlights streaked through my hair, a thick slab of red, I’ve had some of my hair dyed blue. I’ve gone pretty close to black and had my hair dip dyed in 2012. Ignoring the colour though I’ve pretty much had the same hair style for over 10 years. Sometimes I had it all one length, and other times I’ve had layers cut in, but for the past 10 years my hair has been around a certain length – somewhere between middle of the shoulder blade and bra strap.

Up until recently if anyone asked I always said I was growing it. I wanted to see how long I could grow it. The truth is, I couldn’t grow it anywhere near as long as I’d like. I imagined my hair being like Taylor Swift’s hair in 2010; but the longer it got the more of an annoyance it became. Like many brides I wanted to keep it long for the wedding, so there was no way I was contemplating having the chop until after my wedding at least.

The longer my hair got the more I found myself just putting it up in a messy bun, rather than having it down because when it was down it had a tendency to fall in front of my face, in a cousin-it fashion any time I tilted my head even slightly downwards.

The below list of the various annoyances and discomforts of having my hair the length it was in the pictures above is not an exhausted list:

  • Hair falling in face cousin-it style
  • Curls forming looser
  • The simple task of blow drying my hair taking 30 minutes!
  • The expense of all the shampoo and condition my hair took
  • and the expense of the copious amount of moose needed to style my hair
  • hair catching or getting trapped in everything such as the car door
  • Getting a very hot neck in the summer months

I’d started saving pictures of short curly hair styles on one of my Pinterest boards but was trying to pluck up the courage to actually have the chop.

Short Curly Hair styles Collage

Taking my hair from the length it was to the a style like those I’d saved on my Pinterest board above would be the biggest change, cut wise, I’d ever made to my hair; which made me understandably nervous. Also, having naturally curly hair brings an extra element of nerves to having a hair cut as I worried the hairdresser would cut too short, not properly taking int consideration the bounce up of the curls.

However, on Saturday just gone I felt brave; drove to my local hairdressers and asked them to make the chop – showing them my inspiration pictures. The hairdresser was incredible and I was ssoooo pleased the result I could have cried.

Whats surprised me the most is how quickly I got used to it. I loved it right from the start, and the first thing I did was go and get myself some new hair accessories, such as little clips and thin ‘alice bands’. My neck has been so much cooler which has helped me stay calmer at work, I’ve been able to set my alarm for a slightly later time as it doesn’t take as long to style in the morning! Blow drying has gone from 30 minutes to 10 which makes me less stressed and irritated in the mornings.

Did you make a change to your hair after getting married? Was the change getting it cut shorter like me?
Or was your post-wedding change non hair related?

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