Round-Up: Advice from the Professionals

Advice From the Professionals

I thought it was about time I did a round-up of some of the best Hints Tips and Advice from Professionals that have been featured on the blog. One of the aims of Say I Do On A Budget is to provide real advice that will actually help you plan your wedding with ease irrelevant of how big or small your budget might be.

Occasionally the help and advice that is presented with the blog posts isn’t simply from humble little me, but is actually from industry professionals who really know what they’re talking about. Some of the best advice that has been featured on the blog over the past couple years is highlighted below. If you like the sound of the snippets below then pop over to their sites or click the link to the full post to read more.

Wedding Stationary: Advice from the Professionals

Say I Do On A Budget has featured a lot of wedding stationary professionals who have kindly provided advice and tips to help you.

In September 2015 Suzanne from ‘Paper Tree Design‘ along with Rosie from ‘Little Vixen Designs‘ provided their pearls of wisdom on how to save money on your invitations in a post entitled Invites For Less.
Their professional industry experience meant they were able to provide advice such as:
“Using someone local can cave you money on postage if you decide to collect your order” – from Suzanne: Paper Tree Design
“Check the size, weight and thickness of your invitations if you’re posting them. Postage can shoot right up even if you’re slightly over the limit.”
Then in January 2017 I interviewed Alexe who created her stationary business, ‘Alexem Boutique‘ to provide a fabulous budget stationary service.
” Purchasing a digital design can help you achieve your stationery budget goal without compromising on style and personalisation. Ask your designer for suggestions on paper that you can buy at the office supplies store near you, and to put multiple invites (or Round-up from sayidoonabudget.comRSVP) on a single page.”  – Quote from Alexe.
All Say I Do On a Budget readers can get 25% off their order with Alexem Boutique. To read the full post and find out more about the discount available click here.

The most recent addition to the catalogue of stationary professionals posts came in March 2017 in the form of a guest post from Mark and Frankie who created Big Day Print together. Mark and Frankie provided advice on how to communicate what you want from your wedding stationary to your chosen supplier; their advice included:
Pin it Pin it Pin it – It a great way of working out what you like and what you don’t like. Save pictures of elements that you like and keep comments of what it was you like. Find a font you like but the rest of the invitation isn’t what you’re looking for? That’s fine, save the picture to show your chosen stationary designer the type of font you like.”

Elopement: Advice from the Professionals

It can seem a little tricky to find any proper advice on how to plan an elopement, or even how to plan a destination wedding with a select few of your nearest and dearest in attendance. Carly at Epic Elopement is one of those people who is there to assist you with all of your elopement needs. I interviewed Carly in January to find out about her own elopement and to find out more about eloping on a budget.

One of Carly professional pieces of advice was: “Most couples also think they have to go through a planner or business but there is a lot of joy (and some stress!) in getting a lot of suppliers together in a random location and finding something off the beaten track. The cost of planners etc can seem scary too but it can be extremely cheap to do it yourself. I have some elopements on the blog where literally the only costs were buying the marriage license. Elopements can be as small or as extravagant as you like.”

For those wishing to get married in New York Claire from Wed in Central Park is the woman you need. In a post published earlier this month Claire gave her expertise to explain how it is possible for a UK couple to get married in New York for less than you may first think.

“My basic “Just the Ceremony” packages cost $795, but I would recommend choosing Package 1 from my website, which is the ceremony and two hours with a professional photographer, which costs $1550. […] A guest brought a chair and I found a man playing beautiful cello at the 72nd Street and Central Park West entrance to Central Park.  I offered him $50 to play at their wedding and he was glad to take it.” – A couple of the wonderful budget friendly points Claire made in her guest post on Say I Do On A Budget.

Wedding Flowers: Advice from the Professionals

Back in November 2015 Ruth, the owner of ‘Natural Favours’ teamed up with me to create the post called DIY Wedding Flowers. The advice supplied by Ruth was to help you to create your own wedding bouquet and table centrepieces within budget.

One of the pearls of wisdom from Ruth was: “Research! Creating effective arrangements, bouquets and buttonholes is not as difficult as you might think. For extra help you could attend one of the many floral workshops that are out there, some offer specific courses for DIY brides. There is a wealth of information online that you can also utilise, from videos to articles, that take you step-by-step through creating everything from gorgeous hand-tied bouquets to perfect jam jar posies.”

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