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Wedition is a magazine that is completely unique, bespoke and personal, as you decide everything that goes in to it. 

When planning a destination wedding getting all of the information required about the wedding day to all guests can seem like a daunting task. To be fair if you have decided to get married anywhere a good distance away from where most of the guests live, you will probably find yourself having to provide as much information as those planning a destination wedding do. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could provide details of everything all in one handy place?

Wedding websites such as gettingmarried.co.uk are a great way to do this, but, you may have some guests who aren’t on the internet, and a website may not be easily accessible all the time for everyone.

Here is where Wedition can be the saving grace you need. Imagine having a magazine you can send to all your guests, that would work as the invitation and the ‘information pack’. Within your Wedition magazine you could include all of the following (and more):

  • Travel & Accommodation details
  • Local area information
  • Gift List
  • Expected weather conditions; including expected dress code
  • Order of service and of the whole wedding day

Having all of this information in one handy magazine that your guests can take with them would save you a lot of stress when planning the rest of your destination wedding.

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I’ve never been to a religious ceremony and there not be an order of service at every pew for the guests. The order of service usually includes; the lyrics for the hymns, all of the prayers, any readings and other important pieces of information that the couple may wish to include, such as details about the Bridal party. Why not ditch the traditional order of service booklets and use your Wedition magazine for all this information?

Imagine arriving at the wedding breakfast to find your seat at your table and seeing a magazine that has your name on the cover. Well your guests could experience just that because you can personalise each individual front cover with your guests name so you Wedition Pinterest Graphiccan use Wedition as a table place name card. Having your guests names printed on the front cover costs £1 extra per magazine. Alternatively they can be printed with a blank box for you to hand write your guests names, which would be cheaper and add a personal touch. Inside your guests could find information about the wedding party, your proposal story, a copy of the menu, and little details about your wedding such as how you decided which song to have for your first dance.

Being able to ditch the order of service, the menu cards and place name cards, or ditch conventional invitations in favour of a wedding magazine such as Wedition could reduce the cost of your wedding stationary.

At the moment you can get 50 Wedition magazines for £250 making each one only £5.

When you add up the cost of place name cards, menu cards and your order of service booklets you would easily spend at least £250 if not easily more than that. Reducing the cost of your wedding day is what drives me as a budget wedding planning blogger. But driving down the cost of your wedding shouldn’t mean your elements should be of a lower quality or less unique and personal.

I like to share with you suppliers and products I find that I would have if I were planning my wedding all over again. And the Wedition magazines are most definitely something I would have had at my wedding if the product had been around during my own planning.

Wedition is a very new business, but is one that I think is going to take the wedding industry by storm. As someone who was a budget Bride myself, I would have loved something like this that would not only have saved me money on my budget, but would have been a really unique talking point for my guests and would be something I’d have at my wedding before most others.

You can offer your vendors and suppliers advertising space at the back of your Wedition in return for discounting their product/service, we recommend £25 – £50 per advert. – Quote taken from the Wedition website

[…] as we’ve grown and gained more suppliers and venues under our belt some of the discounts available are much higher. I have two venues offering Wedition customers free ceremony room hire and a firework company offering fireworks performed to your first dance for £999 instead of £1500, which is a great saving […] – Quote from Liz during one of our conversations.

All Wedition magazines can be personalised using your wedding colours and all of the articles included can be chosen by you. If you don’t want to write all of the articles yourself you can utilise their own creative writer to create the articles using the information and ideas you provide.

You can discover more about Wedition by:
Visiting their website 
Following them on Twitter

Liking them on Facebook 

NB: All of the images included in this blog post are mine featuring the showcase magazine Liz from Wedition sent me. 

I do not and have never been paid for any blog post published on sayidoonabudget.com 

If you have any questions about my blog posts or me as a blogger please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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