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With the ever increasing price of gold, traditional wedding rings made out of precious metals are becoming harder to finance for most people. The cost of buying wedding rings is taking up more and more of the total wedding budget. Even none traditional metals such as Palladium are rather pricey.

My husband and I both chose plain (in design) 9ct yellow gold wedding bands to keep the cost down. For ages we looked at rings, and we both liked the idea of having rings with an inlay pattern. The husband was looking at a lot of rings where the ring was a mix of shiny and matt, or was yellow gold with a white gold middle section. However, these rings seemed to be coming in over the budget we had set.

Our Budget Wedding Rings blog postSo when we went ring shopping 4 months before the big day we both chose matching plain rings. Mine is 3mm in width and his is 5mm. I love my wedding band, and think it goes incredibly well with my engagement ring as they’re both ‘traditional’ and ‘timeless’ in design.

We had them engraved on the inside to create that uniqueness we wanted while sticking with something traditional and something in budget. Both of our rings, including the engraving came to less than £500, which is rather low cost for new gold rings.

In a previous post from the very early days of the blog I wrote about how you can get quality wedding rings for less with tips such as buying second hand, or exchanging your Tesco Clubcard points for GoldSmiths vouchers. In that post I wrote…

There are many areas of the wedding day that couples can and will cut costs on, but the wedding rings is either an area seen to be one that shouldn’t be scrimped or people feel they can’t scrimp on.

As one lady said on a wedding forum I frequent “I never wanted to spend a lot, but in fairness, it is one of the few physical things left after the wedding day”. This knowledge that our rings are the only part of our wedding that are always on show to everyone, and that (hopefully) we will be wearing them for the rest of our lives; it isn’t just a fleeting moment of a wedding that will be forgotten after a couple of weeks; the thought of trying to save money in this area is not always very appealing.

I, however, am on the campaign to say that you can save money on your rings without forgoing the quality.

Gold, Palladium, Platinum…Expense-dom [March 2012]

The tips given in that post from 2012 are great for those who want a more traditional style of wedding band.

But what if you don’t want a traditional look to your wedding rings? What if you want your rings to be as quirky and unconventional as you are?

Well, a recent discovery of mine may well meet your needs to uniqueness, modern styling and affordability.

In early 2016 Mark set up his business ‘Ammonite Studio‘ where he hand makes wood rings at his base in Cumbria. Bentwood rings are fashioned from long strips of wood veneer, boiled or steamed for pliability and wrapped over and again in several layers. Keeping the integrity of the wood grain and having overlapping layers makes bentwood rings much more durable while preserving the beauty of natural wood.
They are finished with many waterproof, durable coats of ca glue and finally polished to a glass like shine.

Ammonite Studio

Each ring that’s made by Mark will be a unique, custom made piece of jewellery like no other. Personally my favourite range of rings from Ammonite Studio is the ‘inlay rings‘ of which two of the image squares above show. When speaking to Mark he told me that since officially starting his business roughly 50% of orders are from people purchasing his rings to be their wedding or engagement rings; and that some of Marks customers request a wood or inlay that has a special meaning to them. For example, recently he sourced red cedar from the US for a couple.

What could be more unique and modern than a wedding ring made from wood? I can almost hear you saying to me, “yeah, this is great, but what about the cost?” Well for the answer to that you should pop onto the website; but trust me, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised as you browse through the range at how affordable these incredible custom rings can be considering even his basic designs can take 2 weeks to create.

I’ve noticed a surge in the number of brides-to-be sporting unconventional engagement bands; IE rings that have a precious stone other than diamond or pearl engagement rings.

If you’ve chosen a beautiful unconventional engagement ring why would you then team it with a traditional wedding band?

Perhaps your husband-to-be doesn’t wear any precious metal jewellery and is really put off by the idea of having a shiny wedding band?

If this sounds like you, then maybe Brentwood Rings is the answer you’ve been searching for.

Have you chosen your rings yet?
I’d really love to know if you bought new, bought second hand, ordered custom rings or went very modern and unique with something such as the rings available from Ammonite Studio. Click on ‘comment’ to let me know.

5 thoughts on “Brentwood Rings: Ammonite Studio

  1. My husband got a titanium ring with a wood inlay and loves it. Granted he can’t wear it at work, but when we actually have time to do things he does.

    • That’s what I really liked about the rings when I discovered Ammonite Studio.
      I respect craftsmanship and think there’s nothing better than something crafted by hand especially in our technological age.

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