Groom Got Groovy Shoes

Even a couple planning on a budget of half the national average will have certain things they don’t want to scrimp on. The ‘will not scrimp on’ list doesn’t mean it is the ‘blow out’ list, it just means it’s where you don’t want to cut any corners. These are the areas you allocate your budget to first as they’re the areas most important to you (for how to create your overall budget and how to allocate it to different expenses check out this post from the archives). For many budget couples I’ve spoken to, their top priorities are; wedding dress, photographer, the number of guests or the food. These are areas they are keen to allocate large parts of their budget to, at the risk of having to scrimp on other areas such as the transport to get to and from the venue/s for example. The scrimp/splurge list is unique to every couple.

For most couples the wedding dress will be on the splurge list somewhere, with often the Grooms entire outfit sitting on the scrimp list.

In this post I want to put the focus back on to the Groom by bringing to you in this post a totally unique, quality, hand-made men’s shoe designer.

The Hand Dyed Shoe Co.

9 times out of 10 the Groom and the groomsman’s suits are hired, with one of the only elements of the outfit kept by the Groom after the wedding being his shoes (and possibly his accessories such as his watch, cufflinks etc).

My Husband spent a good amount of money on his wedding shoes and he still wears them on occasions when he has to be dressed smart. He told me when seeing me Customise your Hand Dyed Shoesplanning this post that every time he wears his wedding shoes he smiles as he remembers the fact they were what he wore when he became my husband.

Having a re-wearable memento of the day is just as important for the Groom as it is for the Bride. And what woman wouldn’t want her Husband reminded of the big day every time he puts on this ‘best shoes’?

Founded by Simon Bourne The Hand Dyed Shoe Co. offer you the chance of buying a pair of shoes you know have been made just for you, by giving you the chance to customise them with a monogram, or short inscription such as your wedding date or your initials.

Currently there are 8 styles to choose from and the shoes are made in a factory in Portugal using raw leather, before being sent to Simon to hand dye in your choice of colour. The options are pretty much limitless when it comes to the colour, if you contacted Simon asking him to create a pair in light green – he can mix that for you. Because of the handmade, made-to-measure service offered it will be roughly 12 weeks from ordering to the shoes being ready.

Below is a video of Simon set up for a days work in one of the many unconventional spots he decides to work in. On his website you can see images of him dying shoes whilst sat at his portable table in a river. I really love the idea that not only were the shoes hand dyed to your own request but they could have been crafted in a truly inspiring landscape.

Simon offers Skype/FaceTime consultations and can create almost anything through a structured and simple customisation offering. The shoes start at £235 which I think is an incredibly fair price, and one that many Grooms I’m sure will be more than happy to spend for such a quality, one of a kind statement to add to their big day outfit.

To steal a quote from Simon – “You are unique. Time to be it.” and show it by wearing something on your feet as unique and off the wall as you are.

All of you Say I Do On A Budget readers have been kindly given free delivery on your orders with The Hand Dyed Shoe Co. when using the code detailed in the below voucher when purchasing your shoes.

Free Delivery TheHandDyedShoeCo

You can find out more about The Hand Dyed Shoe Co. via…
Instagram: handdyedshoeco

or you can email Simon on

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