3 thoughts on “Top Tips for getting your Engagement or Wedding Ring for less

  1. some great tips here! we got ours from the diamond district in Manhattan. we chose our metal, width, design and diamond. so, we decided what we’d spend more on and what we’d save on. much like the Jewelery Quarter in Brum in the UK.

  2. Brilliant tips. My wedding ring is a sapphire (I wear only the one; we skipped a step, as we were eloping) and I get compliments on it constantly. I knew it was mine as soon as I saw it, though the woman at the jewelry store pointed out to me that it was a sapphire and not, as she warned, “a blue diamond.” (She was terribly concerned that I wrinkled my nose at the diamonds and moved on, but I’ve never been keen on them!) But I got a much more impressive and unique ring than anything in their “bridal” section, and for far less, so who’s mad at that?

    • That’s fantastic. It is great to hear from someone who has got their ring for less by going a little alternative. I can imagine you would get a lot of compliments, it no doubt really catches peoples eye. I’m so pleased you stuck to what you wanted and what you loved.

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