1st Anniversary Present? No Clue

1st Anniversary gift Dilemma

As our first anniversary draws closer I feel further and further away both actually in regards to time past, but also mentally, from my wedding day. I have never claimed to have a good memory, but I did hope I would remember more of the day than I feel I do, at only less than a year since.

When I try to remember the day, I can walk through it in my head as a time line of what happened, but it feels hard to bring some of it to the front of my mind the way I imagine those with better memories can.

This poor ability to remember things makes me so grateful for this blog. Even though I’ve rarely discussed my feelings in posts, I have discussed facts, meaning I can use past posts to help me recall the facts of the day if not my feelings.

It is exactly 9 weeks until my first wedding anniversary. Which has got me thinking… what do I get him as a present?
It can’t be anything too expensive as we are currently saving very hard with the view of us getting on the property ladder soon. We also agreed to buy each other “traditional anniversary gifts”.

Have you tried to find out what the traditional gifts are for each year of marriage? If you have you probably came across the same problem we did. That there are a couple of versions out there and it is hard to know which one is correct.

Well after much searching, the list we’ve decided to use is as below. Meaning the first gift we’re to get each other is something Paper.


Could be incredibly easy for those who read books or write letters; however my husband does neither of those things. So I’m looking to you, for any help you can offer in suggestions for what I could buy Steven for our first anniversary. All comments, suggestions and help will be very gratefully accepted. 

UK Traditional wedding Anniversary gifts

11 thoughts on “1st Anniversary Present? No Clue

  1. just in case you don’t know – the US and the UK have different lists. I know you’re British but just saying; choose now because you might decide that you prefer the American list!

  2. I had no idea what to get my husband on our first wedding anniversary! I need to find the list for the U.S. for next year if it’s different like @wedincentralpark mentioned. 🙂

    • When I was having a look for the UK list a lot of sites show you the UK and US lists alongside each other.

      The tricky thing was different sites had different UK lists!

      Then there is the decision of if you go with the traditional list or the modern list.

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