Sunshine Blogger Award

Nominated for the sunshine blogger award

5 days ago I found out that I’d been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award which is an award given to bloggers by bloggers. I feel very honoured and incredibly happy to have been nominated for this award. I work hard to build relationships and connections within the blogging world and outside of it. I’ve made some absolutely fabulous connections in my time writing SayIDoOnABudget, and some of the best connections I’ve made have been with other bloggers.

Aylssa is a hairstylist, MUA and an event planner as well as writing her own wedding blog from her base in Columbia, MO. She is one of the busiest people I think I’ve ever met yet she always seems to find time to help others in the blogging community.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to bloggers who are creative, positive and inspiring.

So, once you are nominated for this award the blogger is required to write a post in which they:

  1.  Thank the blogger who nominated them and link back to their blog;

  2.  Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated them;

  3.  Nominate 11 other blogs and give them 11 new questions to answer;

  4.  Notify your nominees and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post!


The questions I was given by Alyssa along with my answers…

1. Why did you start your blog?

I first started writing when I was engaged the first time and planning that wedding. If I remember correctly it was 2010 when I published my first posts! I hope I’ve progressed a lot in not only the content I write about but also in the way I present my posts since then. I was trying to plan a wedding on a very small budget as my fiance at the time and I were on entry level wages having just left university, but I was struggling to find any real, usable advice and support on how to properly go about planning a wedding on less than half the national average. So I thought I could write the blog to share my advice and tips I picked up whilst planning. I did take a break from the blog when that relationship broke down (5 months before the wedding!) until I became engaged to my now husband when I picked it back up again because we too were planning to get married on less than half the national average.

2. Did anyone help you when you first began blogging? If so, who?

I kept the blog pretty private to be honest. I only started to really share my blog with friends and family in the last 2 years or so.

3. Tell us a bit about your family!

I have an older sister (by 2.5 years) who I am incredibly close to, even though we somehow have turned out to be very different people in our outlooks on life and our likes and dislikes, we’re still best friends. I’m also very close to my parents, who are incredible people. I’m very lucky to have been bought up by such awesome people. Then there is my Husband, who is one of the new additions to my family. That’s the immediate family anyway.

4. What would you do if you won a million dollars?

A million doesn’t stretch all that far nowadays…. As the husband and I are currently saving like mad to try and buy a house, the first thing I would do is buy a house. Then I’d probably pay off my parents mortgage and give a little bit of money to my sister, the husbands Dad and his two sisters would get some money too. Anything left over would be spent on a holiday to Canada.

5. Do you have any pets?

Not currently no, but we’d love a dog.

6. If people could know one thing about you just by looking at you, what would it be and why?

Gosh…. (this is a hard one Aylssa!) I had to get my husband to help me with this one. He said “They’d know that you’re a friendly and caring person because you’ve got it written all over your face.”
I’m not sure what he wants to give such a nice answer…. but there has been a lot of talk of motorbikes recently… 

7. What do you like most about blogging?

I love the community of bloggers I’ve met. I don’t think I would still be blogging if it wasn’t for the amazing, kind and genuine people I’ve met through Twitter chat hours. It’s you guys that keep me here, blogging away.

8. What is one food that everyone loves but you hate?

Not everyone loves this, but it sometimes feels like it… Peanut Butter. I really do not like peanuts at all or anything made with peanuts. I’m not allergic, I just can’t stand the taste. I sometimes wish I could eat it though, as peanut butter on toast can smell really good. But as soon as I try the tiniest nibbles of the corner of a slice I am reminded that I really can’t stand the taste.

9. If you could only bring 3 things with you to a deserted island for the next year, what would they be and why?

My husband, a tablet that connects to mobile data and a tool box. My husband because I don’t want to live without him, and because he is pretty strong and handy! the tablet with data connection so we can research how to survive on a desert island and a tool box so that we can use the tools to make shelter etc.

10. What is your absolute favourite beauty product?

Maybelline Super Stay 24 colour lip stain. I did a very crappy blog post on it on this other, now abandoned blog. I like my makeup to be easy to apply, and low maintenance, i.e. I don’t want to be touching up during the day at all. I love this because I apply it in the morning and it lasts for my full working day.

11. What do you do to relax when you’re stressed out?

Exercise. At work if a get angry or stressed out I go outside and pace around the block for 5 minutes. Or if I feel stressed and restless at home I’ll go for a quick power walk.


My nominations for the Sunshine Blogger Award go to…

  1. The Wedding Cat written by Lisa 
  2. The Clued Up Bride written by Keelie
  3. Epic Elopement written by Carly
  4. Buckets of Tea written by Candace
  5. Married Cat Lady written by Becca
  6. Carpe Diem Emmie written by Emmie
  7. Ivory Avenue written by Natalie
  8. My Many Loves Blog written by Amy
  9. Claire Mina White written by Claire
  10. Wed in Central Park written by Claire
  11. Make Me Married written by Krystal

And my questions for you to answer in your post are… 

What do you hope your readers find in your blog?
When reading other blogs what do you most like to read about?
Where are you most likely to be found on a Sunday afternoon?
Would you describe yourself as traditional?
If you could live somewhere else in the world where would you choose?
Tell us about 2 of the most important people in your life?
Other than blogging, how else do you express your creativity?
What can’t you stop yourself buying?
What do you love about yourself?
Which season is your favourite and why?
Leave us with one of your favourite quotes… ?





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