The Wonders of Paper Flowers

The Wonders of paper flowers

I have a real soft spot for paper flowers. In fact I have a soft spot for anything “alternative” to flowers at weddings. There’s so many wonderfully creative and inspiring ideas for what you can use to make your bouquet, or decorations with, other than your standard blooms.

Over the years I have created a couple of alternative bouquets myself such as this bouquet made from woollen pom poms.   I also swoon over bouquets made using beads, feathers, buttons… or any other quirky and unique items.

For my own wedding in October 2016 I had an alternative bouquet made by Hazel of ‘Love to Marry‘ using feathers, gold beads, and acorns. You can see a picture of my alternative bouquet in a feature about my small budget wedding on another wedding blog here.

Although there’s an incredibly large amount of different ideas for what you can use instead of flowers in your wedding (pretty much all of which I am in massive favour of) in this blog post I will be concentrating on flowers made out of paper. 

BigPaperFlowers backdrop

Paper flowers can be used as replacements to real flowers in bouquets and table centrepieces, but they can also be utilised as decorations in weddings where real blooms are also being used – So you don’t have to choose between real flowers and paper flowers…

– you can have both!

It all comes down to how you want to utilise flowers made using paper in your wedding.

3 ways of using paper flowers alongside your real wedding day blooms

 1. A paper Flower Backdrop
A paper flower backdrop to your photo booth area can be incredibly effective and create a textured, fun backdrop that doesn’t detract from your amazing guests posing in front of it.

The picture above shows a Bride posing in front of an all white, but highly textured back drop using large paper flowers available from Pretty Big Flowers is a company set up by Yvonne and Caroline who create high quality, precision cut and most importantly, easy to use, self-assembly giant paper flower kits for you to use however your heart desires. The way you can create the texture seen in the backdrop image is by curling the petals of each flower (using a similar technique to when you curl ribbon), or to fold individual petals in half so they raise up from the backdrop.

BigPaperFlowers pew ends

2. Pew Decorations
Imagine one of ‘Pretty Big Flowers’ large paper flowers at the end of each pew in the church, or one of ‘CandE Designs’ large paper flowers on the last chair of each row, with a few ribbons hanging down. Both are perfect ceremony decorations that will have your guests smiling without breaking the bank.

3. Place Settings at the wedding breakfast
I love the idea of having a medium sized paper flower at each place setting at your wedding breakfast. I would either write

the guests names on one of the petals of the flower or have a leaf shaped tag with the guests name at their setting. Any way

of combining two elements; such as by utilising paper flowers as place settings, helps to reduce costs.

2 ways of replacing real blooms with paper flowers

1. Paper Flower bouquets
Using Paper Flowers in your Wedding. Paper Flower bouquets, paper flower walls and paper flower backdrops. From C&E Designs and Big Pretty Flowers on sayidoonabudget.comHaving a paper flower bouquet is a really obvious one for sure, but it is one that can be incredibly effective.

Many Brides still choose real flowers for their bridal bouquet, and understandably so, but there is a growing number of women opting for alternative bouquets.

If you want to keep your bouquet after the big day is over, preserving your blooms can be costly, but keeping a bouquet made out of paper is easy and free! Not to mention many suppliers sell bespoke paper flower bouquets at a fraction of the price some real bloom bouquets come in at. If you’re crafty enough, you could make your own and save yourself even more money.

The real upside of a paper bouquet rather than a button or broach bouquet is the light weight quality of paper in comparison to broaches or buttons. If you choose a heavy material as the basis of your bouquet you’re likely to find yourself putting it down a lot during your big day, and therefore are likely to lose it and not have as many pictures of you holding it. With paper, you could happily hold your bouquet all day without tiring. There’s a real custom, bespoke, feel to paper flower bouquets, as not only can you choose how large, and what shape you want each flower to be, you can also choose exactly what colour you want each flower to be. Not to mention that we don’t have to be talking plain coloured paper here! Emma of C&E Designs creates custom paper flowers out of maps and recycled books. Imagine knowing you have flowers in your bouquet made from a map of the location where you first met; or knowing that your bridesmaids are holding a bouquet that includes flowers made from sheet music of the song you’ll be walking down the isle to. C&E 2

2. Paper flowers as centrepieces

Whenever I think of paper flowers used as part of table centrepieces I imagine them sitting in mismatched/ vintage/jam jar style vases/bottles or various heights. I’d have a tall bottle with one paper flower poking out of the top, with 3 shorter jars, each with 3 flowers surrounding the central tall bottle.

There is no limit to the colour schemes and themes that paper flowers can be used within that you really can let your imagine run wild.

With the types of paper flowers created by Emma at CandE Designs you could even use them as part of guest favours. Say to aunts and uncles, or grandparents to take the flowers home with them; then for ages after your big day your special guests will have a beautiful reminder of your day they can display in their homes.

Check out this tweet to me from Steph Clarke where she tweeted me a picture of her bridal bouquet where paper flowers made from pages of a comic book were mixed with real flowers by her florist. 

Images used in this post belong to and are courtesy of Emma at CandE Designs and Yvonne & Carole of Pretty Big Flowers.
You can discover more about them and their fabulous businesses at the following links:

CandE Designs:

Pretty Big Flowers: 

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