Real Budget Wedding: Katherine & Richard’s dusty pink July wedding

Real Budget Wedding Essex Title

Bride and Groom: Katherine & Richard
Katherine runs a wedding planning business and Richard is a Claims Assessor. They both live in Suffolk.
Wedding Date: 7th July 2013

You wouldn’t believe from reading about their wedding in this feature and from looking at their wonderful pictures that Katherine and Richard planned the whole wedding from start to finish in just 3 months! But they did. They got engaged in the April and were married in the July. 

Wedding Venue: Leez Priory
Colour Scheme: Dusty Pink

Photographer: Photography was done by a friend who lived in Sweden. My brother also took some photos and was in charge of videography too but unfortunately the batteries ran out during the speeches! 

MUA: One of my Bridesmaids did my make up for me after a visit to a beauty counter for a tutorial!  We bought some of the recommended items and had a great fun few hours getting made up.  She did a great job on the day too!

Total Wedding Budget = £7,000 (roughly)


How did you decide on your 7k wedding budget?

It was the total amount we had in our savings and the money we had gifted to us from our parents.

What elements of planning were the hardest with your budget?

Catering was one of the hardest elements due to the numbers, and ensuring that all dietary requirements were catered for. We ended up going for a vegan option and one other for the mains.

RegisterMy fab dad!






The extra cost was for the evening buffet so it was just a numbers game.  I catered for exactly the number who were invited and said they were coming & was just a bit peed off when some of them didn’t turn up!  There was more than enough food but I think the extras who didn’t come ended up costing an unnecessary £200.  So I would say cater for a few less as there could always be a few people who won’t make it.

In what ways were you able to really crunch the budget?
I got lots of family & friends involved in helping with our big day so made lots of savings from that.
Photography was done by a friend who lived in Sweden so we paid for them to stay at the wedding venue the night of our wedding.
My mother in law made fruit cake and chocolate cakes for our cake and one of my aunties made a lemon sponge.  The three layers were then put together and iced by a family _DSC0070friend.

And I made all the table place names and table plan.

The roses theme was taken from a picture of a wreath mum had for her funeral.  I got a close up pic of one of the roses and used that as the background for our invites & table names.  My auntie did the place names on a rose pic too with the menu choices on the other side which were attached to wooden roses.  That worked really well.

It really was a family affair!

Their wedding really was a big DIY affair, as another of Katherine’s relatives created her floral bouquet and the floral arrangements for the tables. Katherine’s aunt must be a super aunt as the floral arrangements survived the long car journey from Guernsey to Suffolk in the boot of her car! 

Leez priory did the rest, all the set up for the ceremony and reception were catered for.  Drinks, food, disco and we paid a bit extra for a few garden games.

Also as it was a last minute booking we got a great deal which included all 15 rooms at the venue.

Tell us all about your Bridal outfit:
I got my dress from eBay (ahhhh – not for everyone I know!) However, I was 4 months pregnant so it would have been really tricky having fittings done especially in the time scales available (we got engaged in April and were married in July!)  I had about 4 dresses to choose from and they all cost under £50!


And what about your wonderful Bridesmaids?
I had 3 Bridesmaids; their dresses came from BHS and were paid for by me (got them in the sale though!). My Bridesmaids bought their own shoes.

Groomsmen garments:

Richard just had a Best man who got his suit from Moss Bros and was the same as Richards suit.

Something Blue/Borrowed/New & Old? 
Katherine had her mums wedding ring which she had worn since her mother passed away the year before. Richard got his ring from a high street jeweller. Katherine also had new earrings and a blue umbrella. 

What was the biggest hurdle you ran into when planning your wedding?

The guest list & telling my Dad that as much as I love him I didn’t really need his help! He was keen to get involved and make sure I had done all I needed to do but I was usually a few steps ahead and had it all covered so to save my stress & his, I politely said I can do it!!  As you can see from the pic of him & I we were still best friends by the wedding day!  Since losing my mum just 11 months earlier I think he was trying to be Mum & Dad.  He did a great job supporting me as he still does.

Real 7k Budget Wedding Details

What was your biggest blowout spend for the wedding?

Treating our special guests to rooms at the venue. As it was a last minute booking we got a great deal with included all 15 rooms at the venue.

Was there anything that didn’t go as planned?
Not that I can think of….the weather was beautiful…the day flew by….I loved every minute!

Getting a helicopter ride (not planned at all!) was my most memorable moment. The pilot was staying at the same place as me & my bridesmaids the night before and they chatted him up so I got to have a ride! I loved the speeches and did one myself (I always have to get my say in!) The morning after was lovely as well as we got to share breakfast with everyone who had stayed over.

A real 7k wedding planned in 3 months. How to plan your wedding in a few months. Dusty pink wedding theme.

So now you’ve had your own fabulous small budget wedding what tips or advice would you give to others planning on a small budget?

  • Don’t be shy about asking for help from family or friends
  • Go to lots of wedding shows to get special offers and compare prices
  • If you can, go for mid week wedding dates
  • Think about local venues e.g. village halls which can be made to look fabulous for your special day
  • Join wedding groups on Facebook which have things for sale.  Don’t be put off by using pre-loved things

Thank you to Katherine for sharing her wonderful budget wedding with us

After planning my own wedding, which I loved & becoming a mum, I left the world of credit control behind and set up The Savvy Wedding Planner business.

I have always loved organising events from work socials to charity fun days and had also been involved with my fair share of wedding planning after being bridesmaid 3 times!

After joining a local entrepreneur programme and meeting some fantastic people I decided to put on a wedding show. It was a great night with lots of local suppliers, live music and a charity auction which raised over £500. 

The Savvy Wedding Shows are still going strong and along with my Savvy suppliers we help lots of Brides and Grooms to plan their special day. 

It is the perfect job for me!  I love helping people plan their special day and finding out all their ideas (as well as inputting my own!).

 To find out more about Katherine and her fabulous planning business visit her website, like her Facebook page, or follow her on Twitter or Instagram 




17 thoughts on “Real Budget Wedding: Katherine & Richard’s dusty pink July wedding

  1. This is a really good read and quite timely as my daughter is about to be married next month. It’s been done on a budget too and shows just what can be done. I liked your ideas of getting family involved and researching beforehand. Nicely done!!

    • I do believe it to be true, and when you are planning your big day on a budget of less than half the national average, it does make you go really personal with the various elements.

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