A Daydream Idea for a new Budget Wedding Service

A few mornings ago whilst going about my normal getting ready routine I had a proper detailed day dream that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about.

direct budget wedding planning service idea

During my years writing this blog, I have met countless couples that feel completely lost in the maze of wedding planning. As soon as you’re engaged you start getting questions thrown at you – when is your date, what venue have you chosen, what colour scheme are you having…. and often you don’t know the answers to any of these questions.

What does a newly engaged person normally do? Go out and purchase some wonderful wedding magazines to peruse for inspiration. Wedding magazines are great, I personally love flicking through the glossy pages, but they’re not exactly well known for having products and services aimed at the small budget wedding.

Sadly, I’ve also spoken to couples who have ended up feel pushed by well meaning but over assertive relatives into having a certain venue, or into booking services and suppliers that they wouldn’t really have wanted to have if they’d been left to their own devices. And we’ve all heard of a couple who have ended up inviting people to their wedding they don’t even know because their parent/grandparent/aunt told them they have to.

Often I’ve heard from couples in these situations that they need help to reassess and sort through the confusion they’re feeling. They want someone to help them create clarity over what they actually need and what they can cut out. Budget Wedding Planning Service Idea to help couples stick to their wedding budget from sayidoonabudget.com

The day dream was about me offering a service to do just that.

Where for a small fee I would provide advice on how couples could reduce the amount they are spending on the various elements of their wedding plans.

I would ask clients to send me details of what has been booked so far, what deposits have been paid as well as what products and services they are looking to purchase / book. I would then highlight areas they could reduce their spending, and provide suggestions for suppliers in their area or products they could buy that would be less expensive than they’re currently considering. Depending on the couples preference and geographical location, feed back and advice could be given over email, in a video call or during a face to face meeting.

Any savings the couple make would be dependant on how much of my advice they decide to put into action. If after reviewing the plans and details I didn’t think I could help them save any money then no fee would be charged.


I have no idea what the job title for this type of job would be though? The service idea I have isn’t exactly a wedding planning service… If you have any suggestions on what that job title would be, and any ideas on a catchy way of wordy the service I’d love to hear them.

Please drop any job title suggestions or service description ideas in the comments.



4 thoughts on “A Daydream Idea for a new Budget Wedding Service

  1. I think budget wedding is a good idea. Why spend tonnes of money if you can spend reasonable amount as long as the idea says the same. If the couple could still have a dream wedding but make sure they don’t spend blindly I think this is a great idea.
    You should definitely give it a try.

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